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Texas Tech Basketball Overview

After reviewing and previewing both the guards and the forwards, I made the contention that PK is going to place a premium on offense rather than defense (not forgetting the defense, just emphasizing the offense a little more than RMK), but the part that I can't figure out is whether or not PK is going to go with a 3-guard offense (like UT's) or a 3-forward offense (like we saw last year with Texas Tech).

I think much of how PK decides to go forward depends on whether or not Tyree Graham qualifies, and right now it's not looking good.

Knight's biggest problem is that behind Roberson, Voskuil and Okorie, there are no true guards. That's it. If you can add in Graham, then I think the program is in a much better position. The other problem with so few guards is that the current roster is bloated with forwards who don't expect to see much playing time, at least if last year is any indication (Prince, Craig, De Bem, and Rizvic.

I realize that these aren't the only options, and in fact, I think that at the forward position it's awfully presumptuous to assume that Lewandowski is going to be in the mix at the center position, but I've seen what the other guys give me and I'm not that impressed.

Let's consider the pros and cons with each option.

3-Guard Lineup

Point Guard Shooting Guard-1 Shooting Guard-2 Small Forward Power Forward
John Roberson Alan Voskuil Nick Okorie Mike Singletary Darko Cohadarevic
Tyree Graham Nick Okorie Voskuil/Roberson D'Walyn Roberts Trevor Cook
  • Pros: Lots of scoring options and every position can put the ball in the bucket. The Red Raiders really struggled at the offensive end of the floor at times last year, so this much offense would be something we haven't seen much. The second team even has decent scoring options with Graham and Okorie at the guard position, while I also really like Cook and Roberts against almost any 2nd team offense.
  • Cons: Almost no rebounding and that's bad news for a team that was and has been awful at rebounding the ball in the past. With the only post player being Cohadarevic, this type of lineup would seem to me to demand that everyone stay back and rebound the ball, which really takes away the advantage of running on an opposing team. The lack of depth is also a concern at the guard position, there's just too many minutes there, especially with the large number of forwards. I would also suggest that this doesn't take into account if Singletary and Roberts could swing to a guard position. I realize that this is a possibility, but I'm not yet sold they can do this.

3-Forward Lineup

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward-1 Power Forward-2
John Roberson Alan Voskuil Mike Singletary Trevor Cook Darko Cohadarevic
Tyree Graham Nick Okorie D'Walyn Roberts Damir Suljagic Robert Lewandowski
  • Pros: Perhaps this unit is significantly better than last year at rebounding the ball, especially if Cohadarevic can grab 5 to 6 boards a game, couple that with Cook and Singletary and that's a formidable front court. With the second unit I think it works a little better and I personally believe that Okorie and Graham should get significant minutes, almost 20 a game. There's no reason why Roberson and Voskuil should play 40 minutes if there are talented backup players.
  • Cons: The second unit is really bad offensively and opposing defenses could focus all of their energy to stopping Graham and Okorie. Getting points out of this unit would be difficult. If Roberts steps up his game, then I think opposing defenses have a much more difficult time stopping all three, but having Roberts become a consistent scoring threat, at least right now, is a big if (BTW, I'm hoping that he does).

What's your preference? Comments and suggestions appreciated.