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Community Projections: Eric Morris

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On the weekend, we party by predicting offensive statistics for your Texas Tech Red Raiders. That's right, that's how we party. This is DTN's Community Projections.

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Eric Morris

#12 / Wide Receiver / Texas Tech Red Raiders




The Facts: The diminuitive by incredibly effective Eric Morris was outstanding last year and his 66 catches for 690 yards was pretty good, but it was the 9, that's right, 9 touchdowns that really impresssed. Morris was only second to Crabtree in touchdowns scored. Easy to overlook Morris (only because he and I are both around 5'9" and 175 pounds), but somehow the guy finds the endzone.

What I Think: I'm not sure how Morris replicates last year's touchdown success. I hate betting against the guy, but 9 touchdowns is a ton of touchdowns, especially when I think that there's a pretty good chance for the touchdowns to be a little more spread out this year. As for Morris he's great at finding seams in the defense, keeping himself between the defender and the ball and he's pretty damn quick to boot. I think 9 touchdowns is a lot to ask, but Morris is going to have an outstanding year and I'm expecting that

Pay attention to the touchdowns, I've giving you options in regards to the volume and touchdown production.