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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Forgetting A Title Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Back to news and notes this morning.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Seven Eight:

  1. Pushball is a sport, and has been for a long time
  2. Rock M Nation takes a look at Nevada (DTN's has a post scheduled for next week).
  3. BC with parts three and four of the series The History of College Football Recruiting and Cheating.
  4. BHGP and Gary Barta (?) Mr. Paterno and the lovely secretary.
  5. SMQ takes a look at TAMU and concludes that the Franchione era is about it.
  6. Think you can be a football official (via Da Wiz)?
  7. Amazing trick fish casting videos.
  8. Tom Deinart doesn't think this current crop of Big 12 quarterbacks have much pro potential (via Corn Nation).

Texas Tech Football:

Fox 34 has a couple of items where I've fallen behind, including the review of the Rice win last year and Fact or Fiction: Will the Texas Tech fans be disappointed with a Cotton Bowl bid.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Texas Tech released the men's basketball out of conference schedule for 2008-2009 and the most interesting games, which were the most interesting games last year, are UTEP, New Mexico and Stanford. I would also guess that this depends on if Texas Tech plays some decent teams in the Legends Classic. Again, nothing really groundbreaking

Fox34 takes a look at the strength and conditioning program of the basketball team.

Texas Tech Track:

The Red Raiders advanced 4 athletes to the finals of the NCAA Championships, including Sally Kipyego, Sandra Iwunze, Ireme Kimaiyo, and D'Andra Carter. Congratulations to all.