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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Football Notes - Great Speed Breaks Edition

Texas Tech Football:

We're going to start out with Fox34's coverage and a look back on each unit with Chris Level, up this time is the linebackers and defensive ends. Level gives the linebackers a B or B+ because there's not a lot of experience, but there is athleticism. Level gives the defensive line an A as there appears to be more talent at the defensive end position than in recent memory and mentions that Ratliff probably won't hold onto his job due to the arrival of Sesay and Marshall.

DMN's blogger Tim MacMahon says that Danny Amendola was one of the three stars from the Dallas Cowboys rookie mini-camp:

Danny Amendola: We could go with second-round TE Martellus Bennett or fourth-round RB Tashard Choice, who both had solid minicamps. But I'm thinking folks want to read about an undrafted dude with a chance to make the cut. Amendola, a proud Wes Welker wannabe from Texas Tech, has the best shot. Just ask Jenkins, who got beat a bunch by Amendola during the four practices. "He's real quick -- a great receiver," Jenkins said. "He's got great speed breaks and is real decisive. He's tough to cover."

Am I going to sound like a football idiot if I don't know what "speed breaks" are? I'm pretty sure Jenkins is saying that Amendola can stop on a dime, but I've just never heard of the term, "speed breaks".

The SAEN is also getting into the act covering Amendola with a feature comparing him, yet again, to Wes Welker. Receivers coach Lincoln Riley says this about Amendola:

"One of the things that stands out about Danny is he adapts well to new situations," Riley said. "I remember the first day he practiced here. It looked like he had been with us for three years."


"Danny is a really good route runner, very precise," Riley said. "He also plays with great effort, always working hard and picking up extra blocks. He's really fearless and never turns down a hit or the chance to go over the middle.

"Add it all up and you've got a hell of a football player."

Fox34 also has additional footage from Amendola's first meeting with the press, including his comparison to Welker.