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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - DTN Assignment Edition

Double-T Nation News:

It's really quiet out there this morning. I mean really quiet, so for those of you who are bored at work or on break from school, I thought it would be nice to have a DTN assignment as we try and utilize the new platform. BON originally had the idea and BOTC reminded me earlier this week, but here's what I need you to do:

  1. Go here and stick the FanShot button on your browser.
  2. Go to YouTube or Flickr and find a Texas Tech highlight video or picture that you love.
  3. Use your FanShot widget to send it to Double-T Nation.
  4. Make sure you tag the Fanshot with 'youtube' and 'texas tech highlights', along with other relevant descriptors like players or a particular game, co-eds, cheerleaders, etc.
  5. And that's it. Instant vault of Texas Tech highlights, sortable by tag.

I've already added a video and a picture to get things going.


I've scheduled a review and preview of the men's basketball forwards and centers for 11:00 a.m. I'm still testing out a number of the features on SBN 2.0 (like scheduled posting), so come back later this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

Apparently Mr. Crabtree had informal workouts with Deion Sanders and his Prime U (I'm not sure what that is), which included other professional players Cincinnati Bengals' T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chicago Bears' Devin Hester. It must have been strange for Hester to be dominated by a sophomore in Mr. Crabtree (I kid, I kid . . . or do I . . . ).