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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Involve Everybody Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Three:

  1. The Wiz takes a look at the devastation at Parkersburg, Iowa, from the recent tornadoes.
  2. There aren't enough social networks, but I do like this one,Beer Suggest.
  3. True Hoop on infantry hoops in Iraq playing basketball.

Texas Tech Football:

ESPN's Tim Griffin did his wrap-up on the Big 12 Meetings and I didn't catch this in any of the other reports:

Rumblings have been heard during recent months about the Big 12 testing the waters on a potential "challenge series" for football. It would be tailored along the lines of the one developed for Pac-10 basketball.

The idea would be to match most, if not all, 12 teams from the conference against a similarly configured conference like the ACC or SEC.

Stoops has championed the idea of such a series several times in recent seasons. And Leach said that he was intrigued by the concept, although he hasn't heard anything specific about it.

"I think it sounds like a pretty good idea," Leach said. "The key thing would be to involve everybody."

Really? How great would that be and wouldn't this absolutely wreak havoc on the BCS, with high-profile teams with a legitimate non-conference loss.


Kevin at answers the questions posed by's Mike Huguenin and is predicting failure for your Red Raiders (the following quoted text is just Kevin's answer):

In a word... NO. Texas Tech will go through much of their schedule guns blazing, but... as we've seen time and time again, Texas Tech will struggle to play wide-open against a more athletic (and this year, more prepared) Texas defense. Listen, Oklahoma is the class of the Big XII this year (with Missouri in a distant second), but the Red Raiders will be lucky to finish third in the Big 12 South. Honestly, I see TTU behind OU, UT, and (maybe) Texas A&M in the Big XII South.

The only games where Texas Tech struggled was Missouri and Colorado, and the Red Raiders still managed 26 points against the Buffs despite 4 TO's. So Texas Tech struggled offensively one game and I don't think the Red Raiders even remotely struggled against UT this year and I doubt that the changes in athletes is going to be that significant. With more athletic players to counter-act the UT's and OU's of the world, I think Texas Tech is playing on a different level. And I won't even get into my feelings on the Aggies finishing above Texas Tech.


Behind the Stripes' Dave Matter has an in-depth look at Big 12 schedules for 2008.


Fox34 is taking a look at every game last year, and last night they reviewed the SMU game (don't be thrown off by the Renegade highlights, stick with it).