Another TTU 2008 preseason look

This time written by me in a fit of sarcastic, cynical optimism.


QB: It's Graham Harrell. Senior QB, 3 years in the system. What does that mean? Expectations of 7,000 yards and 60 TDs. What will happen? He'll probably have another 2 5 interception games. Harrell has the ability to turn around when the pressure is on, he showed it last year. The biggest worry is if he'll do it. As far as backup, Taylor Potts had a rough spring and was outplayed by a true freshman who hadn't thrown a football in 2 years. That said, he looked about like Harrell did the spring of his RS Sophomore season.

RB: There are 3 mid big XII quality RB's and one midget ready to take the backfield for tech this season. Shannon Woods has really turned himself around and will probably see the most time on the field due to his superior blocking ability. Batch and Crawford will see time behind him. Lewis is very useful on the screen, but I think he gets caught behind the line too much on handoffs.

WR: Michael Crabtree.

Also Ed Britton, Detron Lewis, Eric Morris, Todd Walker, Lyle Leong, Rashad Hawk, Trimain Swindall, Jacoby Franks, and Adam James. This unit features the best receiver in the nation and a solid cast of young or dependable receivers and Todd Walker. Also I think we have 3 highschool qb's and 1 highschool rb as receivers, though those numbers may be off by 1. That means nothing, but it's pretty cool.

OL: This is where the team starts to get very interesting. It's a mixed unit of veterans and 2nd year players. Steven Hamby just beat out Shawn Byrnes as starting center and as an encore beat some dude after an evening at the bar. The unit has 10 players that may play in the fall, but 2 of those 10 spent the spring hurt (our left tackle, Rylan Reed, was hurt in the closing minutes of the gator bowl. He's still recovering and it's questionable if he does make it back. If he does, he's nfl-quality). If Reed can't return, Vasquez might slide over to left tackle, though in light of hamby's situation and possible unavailability, that's not as certain. This year's line will average about 330 LBS. Take out the center, and they are 6'6" or taller. I only worry that all that weight is making them slow.


DL: A consistent and dominant TTU defensive line is the worst thing that could happen for the rest of the big XII. 3 new defensive line contributors from transfers in Chris Perry, McKinner Dixon, and Brandon SeSay. A new defensive philosophy that lets the players get a push and cause havoc in the backfield. This could be what the team needs.

LB: This group gave the offense fits in the spring. They're faster, more aggressive, deeper. We have 5 players that will get substantial playing time next year. There's not really much more to say. It could be the strength of the unit or the weakness, they are all very young and untested.

CB: Wall on one side. I'm not sure who plays the other. LaRon Moore has the talent but is raw. Brent Nickerson was the more balanced player this spring, but is a little less talented. Bunton is the most experienced, but he's also too short to be a solid #2 corner. He'll be in on most 5 and 6 back sets.

S: Similar situation as the CB. McBath, the senior, is starting. Beside him we have 4 seniors. I think that by the late season, we'll see LA Reed, Anthony Hines, and Lance Fuller most often.

Special Teams

K: Donnie Carona is the first freshman kicker offered a scholarship by mike leach. he will probably be doing all kicking.

P: Jonathan LaCour did well last year. The 2nd best play of the gator bowl was when he managed to kick a 25 yard punt, left footed, while being tackled.

KR/PR: The always reliable Danny Amendola has moved on leaving us with eric morris, and a bevy of guys trying to pick up the 2nd PR spot. KR should be Dentron Lewis, Eddy Britton, and LA Reed


The schedule is... Well, it started out looking like a pretty decent schedule. 2 bowl mid-majors and a playoff D1-AA. Then Tulsa dropped and we had to add another D1-AA. They were a playoff team, but both them and SMU have new coaches this year. It'll be an uphill battle, if we are to finish in a BCS bowl. Kansas, OU and A&M on the road, UT, OSU and Nebraska at home.

This is the year for Tech if there is any year. We have a defense that could be good. An offense that hopefully won't let down. SOOOO much expectation that I'm very scared. I just fear that this team will disappoint me.

prediction: 9-3, Cotton Bowl. Range of record: 7-5 to 11-1

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