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Stephen Hamby Indicted By Lubbock Grand Jury

This made my stomach drop . . . in a bad way. On Tuesday, a Lubbock grand jury indicted Stephen Hamby for aggravated assault:

Hamby, the Red Raiders' first-team center, is accused of punching a man twice in the face during a March 29 altercation in the 2400 block of Broadway Ave.

The victim suffered a fractured jaw and was treated at University Medical Center.

Hamby fled the scene, according to a police report.

Lubbock Police spokesman Capt. Greg Stevens said the injury raised the level of the allegation from an assault to aggravated assault.

"I do know for a fact there was no weapon involved, so it had to be serious bodily injury for it to qualify as an aggravated assault,'' Stevens said.

Mike Leach had this to say about the situation and the punishment:

"His status is we'll see what the facts are and then address it based on the facts,'' Leach said. "We're not going to jump to any conclusions.''

Leach said he "was aware that there was an altercation.''

"But my understanding is that we addressed it, just like we address things internally,'' Leach said. "So if there's more facts that I don't know ... We're going to just wait and see what they are.''

Leach declined to say how he dealt with the matter.

"I"m not going to address any of that,'' Leach said, "but guys get disciplined as things unfold, as we feel like it's warranted.''

Let's just wait and see. Remember that he's just been indicted, so there's quite a bit more of the legal process that he's going to have to wade through.