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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - It's A Long Way To Football Season Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I've got my 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday, so don't expect anything or much at all on Wednesday. DTN is still scheduled to upgrade on late Thursday night or early Friday morning, so you have that to look forward to.

Texas Tech Football:

As previously mentioned by RA, according to Phil Steele Texas Tech has the 31st toughest schedule based on opponents win percentage. As FCS teams last year UMass went 10-3 and Eastern Washington went 9-4 and that's the difference between a team that has a top 30 schedule and one that probably shouldn't be in the top 50.

Meanwhile, Statistically Speaking created a formula to rate college coaches based on their career record. Go to the post for the full formula and for a number of historical and retired coaches from 1950 forward. You're probably asking where Captain Leach is in the Active Good Coaches Category, right behind Rich Neuheisel and right in front of Butch Davis. Also in that group is Dan Hawkins, Gary Pinkel, Mike Bellotti, Houston Nutt, Tommy Bowden, etc. Good coaches haven't taken their program to the elite level quite yet. That's not a bad group to be a part of.

One other football related note, the Big 12 Track Championships were held this past weekend and Rashad Hawk participated in the 100 meter dash and ran a 10.76, which was good for 16th in the conference. Hawk also apparently ran in the mens' 4x100M relay, which finished 4th in the conference. Congrats to Hawk for a job well done. It can't be easy to play football, run track, and study for finals, but Hawk's done it and deserves some credit.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Congrats to Willie Rueda who was named to the DMN's 2nd Team All-Big 12. Rueda deserved this as he was relentless at the top of the order, seemingly getting a hit or two every game (hitting/slugging/OBP .361/.464/.457).

Hyatt has a season-ending post on this year's baseball team that's certainly worth your time. My only comment is that although I cannot remember Hays taking some of the culpability for the way this program has regressed, I do believe that allowing Spencer to have a more active role in the players this program signs is an admission that it wasn't working. To my way of thinking, Hays knew this last year when the team took a down-turn, hence the Spencer and Petrie hires. He knows it hasn't been good and he's betting that Spencer and Petrie can be a part of what turns this around.