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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes -

Double-T Nation News:

For the rest of the spring/summer, I'm going to do plenty of content, but I'm also going a little off-script occassionally, so just bear with me. Being entertaining doesn't come naturally to me. Besides, it's a long offseason and I realize that my job is to make this blog mildly entertaining so that you guys keep coming back. I realize too that we can't continually keep talking about football until August. As much as I'd love to do so, I just can't do it. I don't have that much information. In fact, if I broke down every player every day until football season, I'd still have to fill 20 or so days until the season actually starts.

You've probably noticed that I've stopped "DTN's Top ____", but it is out of pure laziness. "DTN's Top ____" will return, but probably on a much less frequent basis until football heats back up or until I actually have 10 things to link.

I've also decided to pick up a couple of new sports that I want to follow casually and I'm going to be looking at you for guidance. For example, I want to start following soccer or football, but I need a team. I've got no affiliation. I'm a free agent. I'm not ready to get into this yet, but this is where I need you guys to help me figure out who is going to be my team.

I'll also be introducing, this morning in fact, "Music I Like, But Probably Shouldn't Admit In Public". This is my attempt to crack open the door into the wonderful world of Seth C. So without further ado . . .

Music I Like, But Probably Shouldn't Admit In Public:

First of all, I pretty much hate all mainstream country music from 1985 forward (except for Dwight Yokum, who I think is greatness). Just can't stand it. I know, that probably makes me less Texan. However, I could listen to this song 100 times and never get tired of it. Don't ask me why, but I do. And the Bellamy Brothers aren't by any means embarassing, but they aren't rocking the charts either. Anyway, I hadn't thought of this song until earlier this week I was having dinner with my old lady and it came on inside the restaurant. I found myself tapping my toes and bobbing my head.

Bellamy Brothers with Let Your Love Flow:

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams catches up with new College Football Hall of Fame inductee, Dave Parks. It's nice to hear about how Parks believes it's all about team. Although I think Leach's teams are more team-oriented now than they ever have been, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a guy like Dave Parks talk about success and team and culture:

"It's because of what I learned in high school,'' he said. "It's a compliment to high school coaching. ... See, I played ball at Abilene, and I only knew one thing, and that was team. Abilene had won state championships, and that whole culture was just wrapped around that part of it. With Coach Moser and his staff, it wasn't that anybody was that much different than anybody else. You all have a job to do, and to win everybody's got to do their job.''

If you haven't seen it already, scroll down or go here for video of "The Catch" against Texas A&M in 1963.

Hat-tip to DTN reader djollie111, for the Texas Tech Team Report from Yahoo! Sports, via Red RaiderSports. Lots of notes and tidbits, but no breaking news.

Fox34 and Chris Level takes on the safeties and gives them A, but the rational is that there are a ton of options without anyone stepping up, which doesn't make too much sense because that was the problem with the cornerbacks, no one had stepped up and they guy they thought would step up, LaRon Moore, was injured for most of the spring. Oh, well. Also, listen closely because I think it's the Sanford and Sons theme song playing in the background.

Texas Tech Baseball:

DMN's Brian Davis says that the Red Raiders will be in more than capable hands with Dan Spencer and thinks that the succession plan will be a smooth transition. Here's Davis and Spencer:

What should energize Tech fans is that Spencer's wheels are already turning about what changes need to be made. He was on a recruiting trip in Denver on Tuesday, the day Hays made the announcement.

Spencer, 42, can essentially eat his own cooking when he takes over in 2010. By using the next year to recruit as an assistant, Spencer can build his own team from the ground up. Talk about an incredible setup.

"We've got to get better everywhere," Spencer said. "We need more left-handed arms, more left-handed bats. We are very one-dimensional offensively as far as being right-handed. We need to get faster, because speed hurts defensively, especially in a big park like ours.

"We have to get better players and get younger."

Fox34 also has an update that I missed earlier in the week on AJ Ramos, who appears to be doing well since season ending surgery. Send good mojo his way.