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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Loved Being A Raider Edition

Texas Tech Football:

Fox34 is doing something kinda neat, Fact or Fiction, and last night's topic was whether or not Anthony Hines return from injury is greater than Rylan Reed's return from injury. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Personally, I think losing your left tackle is more significant, even if you can move Vasquez over to LT, you are still putting, in my opinion, significantly less talent on the field no matter who else gets the call. I think Reed is that good. With Hines, I feel that there are guys who have comparable talent, not to diminish what he can add, but there are guys who can fill in that spot.

Leave your choice in the comments.

Hat-tip to FORL for the way too early College Football News Bowl Predictions and is predicting that Texas Tech will play in the Orange bowl against Clemson.

Texas Tech Basketball:

RaiderPower's Mark Sparrow has the latest on verbal commit Montrell McDonald, who ended up changing his mind and signing with Arkansas. I would have loved to have had McDonald, but I'm not distraught over his choice, it's certainly understandable and getting those guys on the fence will be one of PK's biggest hurdles to clear.

Perhaps the worst news to come out of this article is that Tyree Graham still hasn't qualified and will have to retake these tests in the summer in order to qualify in the fall. I was really hoping that Graham could play immediately for Texas Tech.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech Baylor Result
Fri. 05/16/08 @ 6:05 p.m. 7 (W: Zach Stewart, 3-2) 4 (L: Shawn Tolleson, 5-4) Boxscore
Sat. 05/17/08 @ 2:00 p.m. 3 (L: Chad Bettis, 4-5) 13 (W: Mace Thurman, 3-1) Boxscore
Sun. 05/18/08 @ 1:00 p.m. 12 (W: Nate Karns, 3-6) 5 (L: Tim Matthews, 5-2) Boxscore

The season has come to an end, at the very least, on a high note, as the Texas Tech Red Raiders defeated Baylor, 12-5. Surprisingly, Texas Tech received a solid performance from Nathan Karns, who went 5.0 innings, giving up 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned) walking 2 and striking out 5. I say surprising performance because Karns has struggled for the most part, this year, buy it's nice to see Karns finish strong. He needed that probably more than Texas Tech did. Robert Kilcrease pitched 2.2 innings of relief, giving up 2 hits, 2 runs (both earned), walking none and striking out none. Brian Cloud pitched 0.2 innings, giving up a hit, a run, and walked 2, while James Leverton closed out the game, pitching 0.2 innings, giving up no hits, no runs, no walks and no strikeouts.

At the plate, it was fitting that Roger Kieschnick hit a grand slam (17) in what may be his final game with Texas Tech, going 2-3 with 4 RBI. Willie Rueda continued his hot streak, going 3-5, with 1 RBI and scoring 3 runs, while Joey Kenworthy went 2-4, with 1 RBI and scoring 2 runs. Chris Hall went 2-4 with 2 RBI.

LAJ's George Watson has the recap from the final game of the season and here's Hays on how this team battled:

"I appreciate them coming out and showing character and playing all the way through," head coach Larry Hays said. "Baseball is one of the best training grounds we have for young people to learn about life because you learn about failure. You don't want them to have to learn too much about it, but the game will beat you up. The guys showed some character today and I think they will do well in life."

Roger Kieshnick:

"I definitely would have liked to be playing a little longer in the season, but when it comes down to that last game you definitely want to win it and we showed that character today," Kieschnick said. "I definitely loved being a Raider and going to school and being in Lubbock. It's been a great experience and there have been a lot of lessons learned. Coach Hays is a great coach on and of the field. I can't complain."

Winning pitcher, Nathan Karns:

"The season didn't go the way wanted it but we wanted to go out on a win," Karns said. "We had a lot of one-run games we lost and if you take away half of those it's a different scenario. I wanted to give the fans a little excitement for next year and not let them down, especially in the last game of the year."

I have previously forgotten to post the Fox34 highlights, but here they are from yesterday's win.