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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Football Notes - Say Anything Edition

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams talks with new Texas Tech commits Dion Chidozie and Aaron Fisher. There are a couple of interesting things here, let's first tackle Fisher. Fisher's receiving numbers are quite different from the numbers linked yesterday from the FWST (which BTW, is no longer a good link for whatever reason), so he's a little more productive than originally thought. That's the good news. The interesting thing about Fisher was his quote about the Texas Tech staff only taking one receiver:

"They told me they were only going to take one receiver, so I made up my mind real quick," said Fisher, who caught 63 passes for 1,059 yards and 16 touchdowns last season for a 10-2 team.

Now I would guess that if the right receiver were to come along, Texas Tech would jump all over it, but I find it interesting that this would be 2 classes in a row where the staff decides that there's not much need to take 3 or 4 receivers. Granted, the 2008 class and the 2009 class are both classes without a large number of commitments. In that 2008 class, there were only 2 receivers that committed, Cornelius Douglas and Austin Zouzalik. I like both Douglas and Zouzalik (why wouldn't I), but considering that receivers are the life-blood of this program, I wouldn't mind seeing 3 receivers per class. I also realize that the 2007 class had a number of receivers (Hawk, Flannel, Lewis, Swindall, and Franks), but I'd like to see a more even distiribution.

Fisher talks about the strengths and the spread offense:

"The spread offense is good for a receiver, and second is how good the school is - the academics and everything," he said.

Fisher, who also returned a kickoff for a touchdown last season, said he's been timed in under 4.5 seconds for the 40-yard dash, but he said more than just his speed makes him a prospect.

"If I would say anything, I would say my route running and my speed," he said. "Most people are fast or can run routes, but I can do both."

Chidozie currently plays outside linebacker at Bishop Lynch, and also talks about what is expected of him:

As a junior last season, Chidozie wreaked havoc as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He was credited with 64 tackles, 18 behind the line of scrimmage, 10 sacks and 29 quarterback pressures for a team that finished 7-5. He also had seven caused fumbles, one recovery, a pass breakup, a blocked punt and two safeties.

His best asset?

"Speed rush, definitely," he said.

Chidozie said he was told by a Tech coach that the Raiders view him as someone who can rush the passer and cover slot receivers as needed.

If Chidozie is 190 rather than then 175, then the Red Raiders have an interesting commitment. I'm hoping Chidozie has a big frame to add a little more weight, otherwise he's not any bigger than some of the safety commits the Red Raiders have already received.

If I sound a little negative, I don't mean to. I like how this staff is going after athletes who project to get bigger and stronger with the key factor being speed amongst all of the new commits. I like the direction this thing is going.