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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Baseball Notes - Dallas Baptist Series Edition

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech Dallas Baptist Result
Tue. 05/13/08 @ 1:00 p.m. Cory Large (1-1, 6.75 Jared Stafford (2-0, 4.00) Boxscore
Wed. 05/14/08 @ 5:00 p.m. Robert Kilcrease (1-0, 5.27) Ryan Goins (3-1, 4.32) Boxscore

LAJ's George Watson previews this mid-week series and mentions that unless the Red Raiders sweep Baylor and OSU beats OU in 2 of three this weekend, Texas Tech is not going to the Big 12 Tournament. There are other variables, but it would take wins and losses from a number of other Big 12 teams. If Texas Tech should take care of business on it's own then we'll get into those variables, but for now, the offense needs to get on track.