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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Back and Forth Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Seven, NCAA National Championship Edition:

  1. Go visit SBN's Rock Chalk Talk.
  2. Instant Analysis from ESPN's Tim Griffin: Kansas v. Memphis.
  3. True Hoop on the new NBA age requirements, this is a must read if you're a CBB fan.
  4. Basketball Prospectus.
  5. Rush the Court.
  6. The Dagger.
  7. Thirtyfive Seconds.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams takes a much closer look at the strongside linebacker position, focusing on sophomore Bront Bird and redshirt freshman Tyrone Sonier. Pretty interesting stuff about Sonier, who went from 180 to 230 in high school and played extensively in the secondary before moving to defensive end / outside linebacker. Here's Ruffin McNeill on Bird and Sonier:

"Bront's doing a good job," McNeill said. "Bront's a smart football player. He has the size and length we like. He's a really smart player who understands the game. Tyrone's a guy who has talent, who has speed. I think Tyrone will have a chance as long as he keeps improving."

Does anyone else get the feeling that as settled as the linebacker position appears to be that it may not be until we're past August? I like all of the guys who keep coming up in articles, but I'm not completely sold that it's going to be Marlon Williams, Brian Duncan and Bront Bird. This is going to be a collective effort from the linebacker unit and it wouldn't surprise me to see different guys receive lots of playing time. I think that McNeill is still trying to figure it out and he's got guys where he thinks they will succeed, but he's still got options.

In Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook there's lots of good notes from practice, including a note that Mr. Crabtree took a lateral from Harrell and then overthrew Ed Britton. That's right, there's a pretty good chance that we're going to see Mr. Crabtree throw the ball this year.

Running backs coach Seth Littrell said that he likes having 4 guys compete at running back:

"I thought it would be easier than it was to find the top two guys, who would be clear-cut," Littrell said. "Not to my surprise, but I'm really pleased about the way all four of them are playing. They're competing extremely hard, and they're all pretty equal."

Fox34 has a look at middle linebacker Brian Duncan, with bits from Duncan, Marlon Williams, Ruffin McNeill, Bront Bird and Harrell.

The DT's Adam Coleman has an article on the improved play of the defense on Saturday's scrimmage. Here's Leach:

"It was a good first scrimmage," Tech coach Mike Leach said. "I thought that the defense played really hard. I thought probably the best part of the whole scrimmage was the middle part of the scrimmage, as far as our defensive play. I thought that was kinda the highlight. I thought guys got better as the scrimmage went on. Back and forth. Up and down."

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech New Mexico Result
Tue. 04/08/08 @ 6:05 p.m. Russ Fornea (3-2, 4.63) TBA Boxscore
Wed. 04/09/08 @ 3:00 p.m. Cory Large (1-0, 5.85) TBA Boxscore

The new New Mexico Lobos come to Lubbock for a two-game mid-week series. LAJ's George Watson previews the series, with some interesting items about the Red Raiders.

I know that I owe DTN readers a weekly baseball report, but that report is going to have to go on hiatus for a week as the trip to Midland knocked me out on Sunday and the NCAA basketball championship knocked me out on Monday. I'll get back on track next week.