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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Going to Norman Edition

Double-T Nation News:

This was a good weekend. I got to see old friends and drink more than I should, but I also secured a ticket to Texas Tech's game in Norman this year. One of my law school friends is a season ticket holder with the Sooners, 2 tickets total, and he has guaranteed me that extra ticket. Hells yeah.

I've got a couple of house-cleaning items to address. First, I had a DTN reader write me and ask if I could create something so that he could visually see the positions on the field on the computer screen and then being able to click on each player with stats, etc. Well, if you don't know, DTN will soon change format and look like any of the other SB Nation baseball blogs, i.e. the Rangers, Lone Star Ball or the White Sox, South Side Sox. This means that I'll be able to create tags for each player as I write about them, so that part will certainly have some function. But this is where I need your help. Is there anyone out there who can create the HTML so that a person could visually see the positions on the field? Feel free to email me if you can or leave a comment.

I've also been notified that the new Masked Rider has been picked, but not yet announced. The announcement is to take place on April 18th. This is somewhat sad news for DTN as I was hoping the school would implement a "Kevin Burns Rule", which would allow him to serve as long as he wanted and as long as he kept his mustache. More on that later in the week.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. Barack Obama's brother-in-law to be Oregon State's new head coach.
  2. Rush the Court on the rumor between the NCAA and NBA to up the age requirement to 20 years old.
  3. This is great, the New York Times on William Wesley. If you don't know who William Wesley here, here's a start.
  4. Patrick Ewing, Jr. with an incredible dunk. Made me get up off my couch.
  5. UT loses a QB, G.J. Kinne, who is set to transfer.

Texas Tech Football:

Big props to FORL for a scrimmage report and photos and RA also for scrimmage report.

LAJ's Don Williams covers Saturday's scrimmage here and here with a feature on senior defensive end Brandon Sharpe.

Fox 34 has footage from Satuday's scrimmage, focusing on the linebackers, and a report from Sunday night focusing on the safeties.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech Nebraska Result
Fri. 04/04/08 @ 6:35 p.m. 2 (L: Nate Karns, 1-5) 6 (W: Johnny Dorn, 4-0) Boxscore
Sat. 04/05/08 @ 2:05 p.m. 2 (L: AJ Ramos, 1-3) 5 (W: Thad Weber, 6-1) Boxscore
Sun. 04/06/08 @ 1:05 p.m. 3 (L: Chad Bettis, 3-2) 5 (W: Aaron Pribanic, 3-1) Boxscore

Losing three in a row, in conference is awful, and although I hate taking silver lining, I have to do so from this weekend's action. Not really a blow-out in any of this weekend's series. The bad part is that the offense only manage 7 runs for the entire series. In other words the team was okay, but just not good enough, and I suppose that this will come with time, perhaps not this year. Because my time is short this morning, let me point you to the links. Saturday's loss is covered by LAJ's George Watson and Fox34 has video highlights. In Sunday's loss, LAJ's Watson has coverage of Coach Hays being thrown out of the game and Fox34 also has highlights of the action.