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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Football Notes - I Bring Something Different Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I'm out for the weekend. See you Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Texas Tech Football:

Finally. LAJ's Don Williams is focusing a little on the secondary this morning, as junior cornerback DeShon Sanders is vying for that cornerback spot opposite Jamar Wall. Sanders feels like his height is an advantage (and I would have to agree):

"I'm the biggest corner we have,'' Sanders said Friday. "I think that's an advantage. I don't want to put myself over (teammates). I'd just say I bring something different.''

Cornerback's coach Brian Mitchell has this on Sanders:

"De'Shon has done a good job of applying himself,'' cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell said. "He's applying himself on the field and off the field. He's spending extra time in the film room. The kid wants to get it right. He's hustling. He's doing all the right things to put himself in position to play a lot here.''

Interestingly, the biggest reason that Sanders didn't play last year was because his technique was so poor, which makes me wonder if he was as good as he was just on pure athletic talent:

"Even coming in mid-year, he still had a lot of terminology that he needed to learn,'' Mitchell said, "and technically he was so far behind because he was a guy that just had been in bump-and-run (coverage) the whole time. He's learning the scheme. He just needs to apply it now.''

In the LAJ's Red Raiders Football Fifth Down the focus is on little-used senior-to-be Cory Fowler, who is vying for the kicking job with incoming freshman, Donny Corona. Good read, especially the information on the Gator Bowl onsides kick.

Also of note, it seems like it is Detron Lewis, Shannon Woods and Brandon Sharpe impressed on Friday.

The LAJ's Red Raiders Football Notebook notes that today's practice will also be a full-on scrimmage, set to start at 2:00 p.m. Get out there and give me a practice report.

Good stuff on the offensive line, especially good to hear that Marlon Winn is the most improved lineman. I always thought that Winn was maybe the most athletically gifted of the linemen. Here's offensive line coach Matt Moore:

"He's become a technician,'' Moore said of Winn. "He's doing the little things right. He's gotten a lot stronger in the off-season.''

Also of note, your second unit is as follows: Adrian Archie and Dominique Delpeche at tackles, and Justin Keown and Chris Olson at the guards.

A nice update on sophomore safety Franklin Mitchem, who was out all of last year.

Fox34 also takes a look at the important role of "H" receiver, Eric Morris, who is ballroom dancing, as well as a short interview with linebacker Bront Bird.

They mention at the end of the segment that Fox34 will broadcast the game, but my question is if anyone will be streaming it on the internet or if it will be on television?