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Texas Tech Friday Morning Football Notes - Leach Is Brilliant Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Unless I get up really early tomorrow morning, I'm out for the weekend to attend a wedding reception in Midland. Who am I kidding, I'll be up early with one last post before I hit the road tomorrow morning.

Texas Tech Football:

Very quiet this morning. No practice on Thursday means there's little to no news this morning.

Fox34 takes a close look at the offensive line, talking with offensive line coach Matt Moore, Brandon Carter and Shawn Byrnes. I like hearing how they focus on technique constantly. I had no idea what type of guy Moore was going to be as an assistant coach, but if last year is any indication, then I couldn't be more happy with his arrival in Lubbock. If I remember correctly, Coach Leach picked Moore from Troy, who had only spent 1 year as a college coach. I think it's pretty impressive that Moore is able to have this type of success with such little college experience.

The SportingNews' Tom Dienhart ranks the Big 12 coaches and Coach Leach checks in at #4:

4. Mike Leach, Texas Tech. Sometimes, a pirate can beat a solider. And a Longhorn, and a Sooner ... you get the point. Leach has made the Red Raiders relevant with his way-crazy antics and way-out strategies. My fav: when a fan put a Cowboy hat on his head after a win over Oklahoma last season. In a word, Leach is brilliant. And, look at this: he can even do the weather.

I'm pretty happy with Leach's ranking, but I certainly don't get Dan Hawkins at #5 and Gary Pinkel at #6 (shouldn't that at least be reversed?), while first-year coaches Art Briles, Mike Sherman and Bo Pelini are all ahead of OSU' Mike Gundy who is at #10. Let's hear where you guys would rank the Big 12 coaches.