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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Sports-Sad Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I'm a little sports-sad this morning as my Mavericks absolutely spit the bit last night. They tried to fight, but they just weren't good enough. This is an old team and I'm not sure how many pieces are actually have value. Not to mention, the unthinkable actually crept into my mind last night as I thought that perhaps it's time to trade Dirk, not because I don't think he's a great player and not because I don't love watching him play, but because there's little on this team that actually has value and I wonder how this team will be able to improve without starting over. I realize that once the summer begins those players who seem untradable now (Terry, Josh Howard, Jason Kidd) will look better than they did last night, but it just stinks to come to the realization that your team just doesn't have it. And yes, it would kill me if they traded Dirk, I love watching him play and I hope like hell they don't do it, but this team is in a bad way and needs a huge shake-up.


Texas Tech Football:

Good stuff from ESPN's Tim Griffin. Griffin has an interesting take on the new NCAA rule which prohibits college football coaches from visiting high schools during the spring evaluation period. LSU's head coach Les Miles had this to say about the rule and about UT's Mack Brown:

"The guy who pushed this was Mack Brown because Mack doesn't have to leave his office ever, and that's an advantage for him," Miles told reporters last week. "That's just because it's Texas."

Of course anyone not aligned with a top tier school (which I guess includes LSU and Les Miles) hates the rule, while the top tier schools that can essentially let the players come to them, love it. Still, I wonder how one coach, Mack Brown, can push a rule through the NCAA, but don't bother with logistics, just know that Mack is evil and everyone else isn't.

There's a few football notes that are alive on the internets. ESPN's Todd McShay has a 2009 NFL Mock Draft and thinks Michael Crabtree is the first receiver taken by the Tennessee Titans:

11. Tennessee Titans -- Michael Crabtree*, WR, Texas Tech

Do not pigeonhole Crabtree; he's not just a product of coach Mike Leach's pass-crazy offense. The tall, long-armed receiver could be the go-to-target QB Vince Young so desperately needs.

Who else besides me would throw up a little bit in their mouth if Crabtree was taken by the Titans where VY would surely under-utilize the tremendous talents of Mr. Crabtree?

Fox34 and Chris Level continue their grading of the units this spring, including the receivers and the offensive line.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Not so fast my friend. Last week I incorrectly stated that Montrell McDonald committed and signed with Texas Tech. Maybe not. According to Dudley E. Dawson from Hawgs Illustrated, McDonald is going to take a visit to Arkansas this weekend, so his commitment to Texas Tech is up in the air. Here's McDonald:

"I did commit to Texas Tech last week, but I have since decided that I want to take a look at Arkansas," McDonald said. "I am very, very interested in Arkansas and think the best thing for me is to check out this option instead of just signing right now."

That doesn't sound like he's coming to Lubbock.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Lots of baseball notes, first is an excellent article from LAJ's George Watson on Dan Spencer's promotion to head coach designate. The most interesting thing to me is that Hays isn't sure when he's going to step down:

"Through this whole process I told Dan I apologized up front and said I don't know how long I want to coach," Hays said. "I don't know if it's going to be two years, I don't know if it's going to be four years and I kind of want to do what I want to do as long as the school agrees with me. I've never been concerned about a contract but if I sign one I have every intention of (fulfilling) it. I have to see where I am at that time and if I still want to do this and if Tech will allow me to keep doing it.

"The only negative thing for me in this is people are saying, He's ready to quit.' I'm not. I'm (making the move) because it makes us better and give us a better chance to be competitive right now and make a run. I hope I've got one more run in me."

As I've said before, I'd rather just see Spencer completely take the reins to the team. If the losing continues, then I wonder how long Spencer's leash will be. And for the record, I think that Spencer is the guy to lead this team, I just want him to have the same opportunity that he would have been afforded if he were the head coach.

The College Baseball Blog's Aman Reaka was at the Texas Tech-Kansas series and has some interesting opinions on a number of Texas Tech players. Good stuff.

Mike Hindman runs the Rangers Farm Report blog and has an update on former Red Raider Steve Rowe, who is currently at AAA in Oklahoma City for the Rangers.