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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Football Notes - He's His Worst Critic Edition

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses on junior-to-be and right guard Brandon Carter. It's hard to believe that a guy who stands 6-7, 350 pounds plays right guard, and plays it effectively. Here's offensive line coach Matt Moore on Carter:

"The thing with him is, he's his worst critic,'' Tech line coach Matt Moore said. "He coaches himself way harder than I coach him. He'll make two mistakes in a 40-play scrimmage live and he'll be so down on himself because he wants to be perfect, which that's usually a sign of a really good offensive lineman.''

The LAJ's Texas Tech Fifth Down talks to senior safety Jordy Rowland. Lots of good stuff here. Williams has a couple of practice notes from yesterday, which includes L.A. Reed knocking Ed Britton off of his feet, while Detron Lewis keeps making plays.

In the Red Raiders Football Notebook, it is finally revealed that RS freshman defensive tackle Bobby Agoucha has been suspended indefinitely:

Agoucha got into an on-field scrap with offensive guard Brandon Carter during Saturday's practice and was seen in a heated confrontation with another teammate after Monday's workout.

McNeill said the suspension stemmed from violation of team rules, declining to elaborate. He said it's too early to say whether Agoucha can earn his way back.

"We wish Bobby the best,'' McNeilll said. "He's a great kid. He's great to be around. We're willing to help him any way possible, but he's suspended for violating team rules.''

Other notes include stiff competition at center with Byrnes and Hamby getting equal time, lots of safeties (6 total) getting work - there's so much competition on the field now, at almost every position. It's a good time to be a Red Raider.

Fox34 takes a look at the inside receivers who will replace Danny Amendola, Tramain Swindall and Detron Lewis.