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Texas Tech Monday Morning Football Notes - Amendola Signs With The Cowboys Edition

Texas Tech Football:

We actually have quite a few football items to discuss, however first and foremost we focus on Danny Amendola's signing as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys. LAJ's Don Williams caught up with Amendola (no permament URL) and notes that Amendola was choosing between Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego and Miami, but ultimately went with the Cowboys because of the current personnel:

"That's one of the things they wanted me to do is have the opportunity to return some punts,'' he said. "Being a guy who's not as highly touted as some receivers are, you've got to slip your way in through some special teams. That's what I'm looking forward to.''

"It was kind of nice having an opportunity to pick from one team or the other in the same state as you,'' he said. "But when you've got guys (in Houston) that kind of fit my description, you can't have too many little punt-return guys if you want to have an opportunity.''

Fox34 catches up with Amendola and talks to him about possibly being picked last and the process leading up to signing with the Cowboys.

I think the thing for Cowboys fans to remember, there are certainly comparisons between Amendola and Welker, especially for Texas Tech fans (BTW - this has got to be a tough thing for Red Blooded, cheer for the player, not the jersey), they are similar, but not the same players. Welker is quicker than Amendola and has that extra gear, I'm not sure what to call "it". However, Amendola as well as other Texas Tech receivers have two qualities that should be invaluable to NFL teams, as they were invaluable to Texas Tech. Amendola knows how to get open in space and how to read what the defense is giving him. I would imagine that this is something that can be lost on guys who just run routes and don't constantly adjust to defenses, or run your routes based on what the defense is giving you. The second quality is what makes a receiver earn his money, catching the football, something that Cowboy fans can relate.

You're getting a good player, a guy who's not afraid to go over the middle, is a solid, but not spectacular punt returner, and a guy who knows how to play the game and catch the ball.

Fox34's Chris Level and Drew Dougherty grade the Texas Tech running backs. Level gives them an A because of the tremendous depth, but not an A+ because there's not just one guy stepping up.

The FWST's Wendell Barnhouse has his college football Top 25, Spring Edition, with the Red Raiders checking in at #18. I don't have time this morning to delve into this, but Barnhouse also writes about possible changes to the BCS.