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Classic Leach: "I ordered Chicken Express one time . . . "

Big hat-tip to DMN's Brandon George for this Mike Leach gem:

The Big 12 football head coaches took part in a post-spring practice teleconference with the media today and Texas Tech's Mike Leach was already in mid-season form with his unique sense of humor.

After answering a question from a media member, Leach is overheard saying something to someone who is in the room with him. He then cuts off the moderator to explain what was distracting him.

"We're watching film here," Leach said. "One time I got in trouble for ordering lunch on one of these deals, so I'll probably read about watching film here and letting that interrupt this press conference. I ordered Chicken Express one time and that wasn't a big hit. ... Uhh, yeah, any way, go ahead."