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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Football Notes - Great Collisions Edition

Texas Tech Football:

Holy smokes! LAJ's Don Williams says that Monday's scrimmage was more intense than Saturday's and the defense stepped it up even more. Here's Leach on Monday's scrimmage:

"You could have been on the top row and facing that (opposite) way, and you could have heard that football was going on," Leach said. "There were great collisions. The intensity was excellent. The execution was not always perfect on either side, but the defense did a great job. This might be one of the best defensive efforts that I've seen since I've been here."


"We have a chance to be good on defense if we build from this point," he said. "But if we have to spend two weeks getting to this point when we get to (preseason) camp, we haven't accomplished as much as we hope. This needs to be our next starting point."

So Leach is hinting that the consistency needs to be there for the defense. I think the offense has proven it's mettle through the course of a couple of seasons, but the defense hasn't been as consistent. This has to carry over through the offseason and it's clear to me that Leach did not want these guys, on either side of the ball, to be complacent or satisfied with what they've done, which right now isn't anything.

2008 is going to be very interesting.

Williams reports that the defense only allowed one touchdown, had 4 interceptions, 3 sacks and picked off numerous passes.

I kept thinking as I was watching the scrimmage that the defense has really figured out how to play the offense (I know, it shouldn't have taken that long) and the defense on Saturday reminded me of watching the Missouri game last year (and the year before last). Guys were running to the ball, were all over the field, and were taking excellent lines of pursuit.

Williams has a tremendous break-down of the scrimmage, so go read the whole thing.

In Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook, he leads with Stephen Hamby being moved to starter at center, in front of incumbent Shawn Byrnes. Here's offensive line coach Matt Moore:

"They know it's been a battle the whole spring," Moore said, "but it's one of those things where now it's Byrnes' turn to chase Hamby a little bit."


"He's stayed consistent," Moore said. "He's stayed really physical. That's the two biggest things that he did. He was consistent with his snaps, which he wasn't last year, he was consistent with his play, and he played very physical."

Moore also provided us with a post-spring depth chart at the offensive line, and we'll have to update DTN's depth charts to reflect the changes.

Williams also mentions that LaRon Moore, Brent Nickerson and Marcus Bunton are 1, 2, and 3 in the cornerback competition, and all are in the running for a starting job in August.

Finally, Williams notes that Texas Tech received a verbal commitment from Denton Guyer offensive lineman, Kyle Clark (Scout and Rivals). Clark is rated a 4-star recruit by Rivals, so it would seem that this is a fairly significant pick-up for Leach & Co., especially so early in the process.

Fox34 with a story on the improved defense. I liked Duncan's part about how the defense is tackling and hitting every day, something that doesn't happen all around the Big 12. Good things, man. Good things.