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Post Red-Black Scrimmage Thoughts . . . Failure

I had almost finished writing a review of the Red-Black Scrimmage and the old computer crashed. Boo, computer. I have work to do outside so I'm not going to re-type those reviews. I thought I'd open it up to you guys, give me one player at each position, that you really enjoyed watching yesterday. I'll start.

  • QB: Harrell, still the best option.
  • RB: Woods, loved watching him back on the field.
  • WR: Kelley, showed me a little something, he could have some real value.
  • OL: Winn, I love his athleticism at tackle.
  • DL: Richard Jones, seemed like he was in the backfield quite a bit
  • LB: Julius Howard, how does this guy not start?
  • DB: Wall, he's pretty good and fun to watch.