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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Football Notes - Red-Black Scrimmage Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Hells yeah. I'm looking forward to watching a little football and I can't wait. Just to clarify, there will be a pre-game show starting at noon and the scrimmage will begin at 1:00 p.m.. In fact, I'll throw up a game-day thread just in case anyone wants to comment.

Texas Tech Football:

The Football Writers Association of American named Louis Vasquez to the preseason Outland Trophy watch list. Congrats to Vasquez, because he hasn't been getting enough credit.

LAJ's Don Willliams feature is on junior cornerback Brent Nickerson. Here's his position coach, Brian Mitchell:

"He's been consistent," cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell said. "He's probably been as consistent as any of my other guys. The one thing he's got over the other guys, he has more experience in the scheme, a better understanding of the whole package. He's going to be a fourth-year player for us. He's done a good job. He's healthy. I feel good about him."

Williams appropriately points out that Nickerson also has pretty size in comparison to his competitors.

Here's Nickerson:

"At the beginning of the spring, I felt confident coming in, just being here for a while, being comfortable with the defense and with the guys around me," Nickerson said. "It led for me to have a good spring, to come out and be in a comfort zone, knowing everything and being in a position that I was supposed to be in as far as being on the field. I think the spring has gone very well for me."

I completely missed this video yesterday, but Fox34 talked about Graham Harrell's importance to the team and last night Jarrod "Guns" Edwards talks with defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill talks about the defense. I like how Ruffin talks about how this defense could be a 22 or 26 deep team. Yay, talent!