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Defensive Depth Chart

Yesterday we did the offense, and today we do the defense. I haven't accounted for any of the JUCO guys, so that will certainly shake some things up on the line. Comments appreciated.

End Sam Linebacker Nose Tackle Mike Linebacker Tackle Will Linebacker Rush End
Jake Ratliff Bront Bird Colby Whitlock Brian Duncan Rajon Henley Marlon Willilams Brandon Williams
Daniel Howard Tyrone Sonier Chris Perry Sam Fehoko Richard Jones Blake Collier Sandy Riley
Brandon Sharpe - Joey Fowler Victor Hunter David Neill Julius Howard McKinner Dixon
Left Corner Strong Safety Free Safety Right Corner
Jamar Wall Anthony Hines Darcell McBath Marcus Bunton
LaRon Moore Lance Fuller Daniel Charbonnet Pete Richardson
Brent Nickerson L.A. Reed Steven Harris Taylor Charbonnet