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Offensive Depth Chart

I recently had a reader ask me if I could create some sort of depth chart that would easily display the positions as to how they would lay on the field. Not being much of a HTML guy all I could think of was to make tables, which I believe I do tremendously, and line up the positions as they would appear on the field. Once DTN upgrades to the new version, I'll tag each of the players to eventually make it easier to search for information on a particular player.

Most of these position designations are from the official depth chart, but things have changed, and I'm looking from input from you guys. I'll make changes based on your recommendations and thoughts. I'd also love your comments and impressions after the spring game. For instance, I don't really think that Stephen Hamby is going to be backing up both guard positions and the center position, especially if all three starters get hurt, thus, more than likely Hamby, Olson, Edwards, Delpheche and Gooch are most likely the true second team guys. Again, comments are appreciated.

I've tweaked some of the positions on my own, based on what I think we've learned in spring practice, like moving Todd Walker behind Britton, who may eventually start in front of Britton.

We focus on the offense today and the defense tomorrow.

Up first is the offensive line.

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Mikey Okafor Louis Vasquez Shawn Byrnes Brandon Carter Marlon Winn
Chris Olson Stephen Hamby Stephen Hamby Stephen Hamby Chris Olson
Rylan Reed Adrian Archie Justin Keown Lonnie Edwards Dominique Delpeche

Receivers and backs are next.

X Receiver H Receiver Quarterback Running Back BH Receiver Y Receiver Z Receiver
Edward Britton Eric Morris Graham Harrell Aaron Crawford Ryan Hale Detron Lewis Michael Crabtree
Todd Walker Adam James Tyler Potts Baron Batch Gerardo Acevedo Tramain Swindall Lyle Leong
Rashad Hawk Blake Kelley Steven Sheffield Shannon Woods Joe Capp Adrian Reese Jacoby Franks

What needs adjusting? Comments appreciated.