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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Football Notes - A Chance To Be Better Edition

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses on the quarterback today, more particularly Graham Harrell, who is looking to be college football's career touchdown passing leader. Harrell needs 42 passing touchdowns to tie and 43 to pass Colt Brennan. Here's Harrell:

"I think it'd be a special time,'' Harrell said. "It would be a huge honor for me personally. More than that, I think it would be a huge honor for this team, because it's a team effort. The receivers have to make plays for that to happen. The offensive line has to protect on those touchdowns. It'd be a huge honor for the whole team. It'd be exciting and a fun moment.''

The key here of course is whether or not Harrell can get the same or better production without Amendola, and considering the current talent, I don't think that's going to be a problem.

Mr. Crabtree talks about Harrell:

"Graham's a great player,'' sophomore flanker Mike Crabtree said. "I see him doing it. I see him breaking records. He works hard at what he does. I admire him.''

And Harrell talks about whether or not he and Mr. Crabtree can match or improve last year's numbers:

"I don't know that putting up the same numbers is really a gauge of that,'' Harrell said. "Will we put up the same numbers? I have no idea. The season he had will be unbelievably hard to match.

"But at the same time, I think we can take it to another level (by) just understanding where each other's going to be - him understanding where I'm going to put the ball, me understanding where he's going to be, stuff like that. I think we have a chance to be better in that aspect.''

And Harrell acknowledges that he has to improve his mid-season slumps (i.e. Colorado and Missouri) and understands that he can't let those things happen for an entire game.

In Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook there's praise for Potts, who has struggled a little this spring, but Leach isn't worried:

"The good part is he's real conscientious,'' Leach said. "Over time, he's going to get better and better.''

"Typically, a higher percentage of the time he goes (with the) second offense versus the first defense,'' Leach said. "They've got some quality players there. I think some of it's just the emergence of our defense.''

And for the record, I'm not at all worried about Potts. He's going to be just fine. I get that we're talking about throwing 3 INT's during a scrimmage. This is not a game. I will say that when watching last year's spring game and Potts in mop-up duty last year it seemed to me that Potts' biggest problem was hanging onto the ball a little too long. With time, that problem will be resolved. In fact, Potts may be the one Texas Tech quarterback who has all of the physical tools to get a good look by the NFL. Now he's just got to get it done when his time arrives.

LAJ's Red Raiders Football Fifth Down talks with special teams coach Clay McGuire and has some quick hits from practice.

Fox34 talks with outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons about Michael Crabtree and how he works on improving these guys and then focuses on cornerback Jamar Wall and cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell.