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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Never Put Anything Together Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Four:

  1. Corn Nation looks at this past week in Big 12 Baseball.
  2. You've probably already seen this, but former OSU quarterback, Bobby Reid, said that Mike Gundy's famous rant was all a big show.
  3. Pretty cool, Jason Kapono, beats the 0.3 second rule.
  4. Catching up with OU's Malcolm Kelly.

Texas Tech Football:

ESPN's Tim Griffin's Big 12 Notebook, with some Texas Tech running back notes.

CBS Sports' Trev Alberts thinks Graham Harrell is the #2 returning quarterback in the country:

I'll take it. I like how Alberts acknowledges that Harrell is not a system quarterback and that he can make all of the throws. It's hard to argue with both Tebow's and Harrell's production, along with Daniel's ability to put up good numbers and win. Would your rankings be any different?

Fox34's Drew Dougherty and Chris Level broke down the offense and the defense. Level thinks the running back decision won't happen this spring. Taylor Potts needs a good spring game, if for nothing else, for his own morale, and Seth Deoge is playing very well. On the defensive side of the ball, Level looks at the cornerback position opposite Wall, which is still up in the air, the defensive end position, and Blake Collier.

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson recaps yesterday's game and goes into more detail regarding the offensive and pitching woes. Here's Hays:

"The whole series we never put anything together," Tech head coach Larry Hays said. "We just never put anything together back-to-back. We'd get a walk and not follow it up. When you don't score runs it puts pressure on everyone, all phases of the game. You have to do it all."

Here are your Fox34 highlights.