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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Football Notes - I Mean That Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I was asked yesterday how I might watch the Red-Black game online. Last year, before the game I signed up for the Raidervision, All-Access (see the logo on the right side), paid my $10.00, and then canceled my subscription by email immediately afterwards. I know it sounds cheap for me not to continue to pay $10.00 a month, but I am what I am, a cheap S.O.B.

What would be really great by Texas Tech, would be for the game to be broadcast for free. I can't imagine that the school is making any money off of this deal, so why not let the fans who can't be there view the game for free? I don't know about you, but that's a pretty good way to promote Texas Tech football and get some people excited about the program.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses on redshirt freshman receiver Adam James and receiver, JUCO transfer and preferred walk-on, Blake Kelley. James greyshirted last year and James says it was tough to sit out:

"It was hard last year, sitting up in the stands, watching your teammates playing,'' James said. "You want to be out there bad, but you know it's not your turn yet. And now that it's finally my turn, I'm going to do everything I can to help this team be the best it can be.''

Williams notes that James is competing with Blake Kelley as the backup at the H inside receiver position. Here's inside recievers coach Lincoln Riley on both Kelley and James:

"Blake came out of the blocks strong and then leveled off a little bit,'' inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley said. "Adam's really started playing well. He really catches the ball. He has one of the best sets of hands on the team. He's really starting to play tougher and more physical and is just learning those things that he didn't do as a true freshman. ... They (James and Kelley) are trading blows, but Adam, particularly of late, has really come on.''

Here's Kelly on the offseason:

"The (off-season conditioning) workouts were probably the most crucial thing I've ever been through,'' he said. "I've never been through anything that hard. I went through that and I was happy with it, because I started off not completely on the bottom of the depth chart like I thought I would be, being new. Seeing, I guess, that I can play, they put me up there.''


"I had people telling me, Just think about, you could go up there and ride the pine and not do anything,' '' Kelley said. "I was like, I'm going to work hard, because I've got that kind of mentality.' A lot of thoughts went through my head about going Division I-AA, getting all the balls and all the reps, but this is a one-time thing, so I'd rather go big with it.''

Williams has lots more interesting notes on Red Raiders Football Notebook, especially about the defense. Williams notes that Ruffin McNeill is moving Brandon Williams and Daniel Howard from linebacker positions, both rushing the passer and dropping back into coverage. Here's McNeill and Williams:

"We'll get two days in on film on this, so we can have it to show them in the summer,'' McNeill said. "We'll do something next week a little different, too.''

Tech's defensive staff concentrated on the base defense and fundamentals through the first eight practices. The last two workouts this week and the first two next week are geared to look at substitution packages against spread offenses.

McNeill said the defense will work on looks with three linemen, two linebackers and six defensive backs and three linemen, three linebackers and five defensive backs.

"In spring, you can experiment, see what can work and what our kids can handle,'' McNeill said. "What we can handle, we'll keep. What we can't handle, we're going to get rid of. I mean that.''

Williams also gives a brief injury report.

DT's Matt McGowan writes that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones donated $25,000 to an alumni scholarship endowment fund.

DT's Adam Toreador says that offensive line coach Matt Moore has lots of possibilities on the offensive line.