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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Keeping It Positive Edition

Double-T Nation News:

It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to go to the spring game. I have a nephew getting baptized that afternoon and there's just no way I can make it happen. For those of you who do go, please give DTN updates, create a diary, etc. I'm going to try and watch online, but I'd rather hear it from you guys who are there.

New poll!! Who is going to be the starting running back? Vote to the right!

In no particular order, DTN's Top Six:

  1. Dirk Nowitzki is a beast.
  2. So, the new Sonics owners lied to David Stern and the public about moving to OKC?
  3. Pretty interesting take on the situation at Oklahoma State (a little late).
  4. The Rangers are above .500?
  5. Keep up with the Masters at Waggle Room.
  6. Joe Paterno is in his last contract, which runs out in 2008.

Texas Tech Football:

Fox34 has a short segment on the center battle between Shawn Byrnes and Stephen Hamby. Offensive line coach Matt Moore says that it's a dead heat between Byrnes and Hamby. I would expect both of these guys to get quite a bit of playing time next year.