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Edward Britton Arrested On Two-Year Old Assault Charge

Ugh. LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that junior receiver Edward Britton was arrested on a two-year old assault charge. Apparently Britton was stopped on a traffic stop and was found to have an old warrant from an incident two years ago. Britton's father, also Edward, had this on the incident:

"It's a grave misunderstanding,'' the elder Britton said. "We hope that eventually it will get resolved. Some time back he was accused of being somewhere and in an altercation, when he wasn't even there. It was almost two years ago. The attorney was supposed to have taken care of it but it must have fallen through the cracks.''


"Edward was adamant about not being there,'' the player's father said. "He went down to talk to the detective, and they checked out his alibi. The last word was it will go to court, and it should be dismissed.''


"Our family lawyer here has looked into the case,'' said Britton, who lives in El Paso. "We thought it was resolved.''

What a bad situation. I can only imagine, Britton is going a little over the speed limit or fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, but then he is rudely reminded about an incident that his father says was taken care of two years ago. Let's just hope that this is taken care of and this incident, as Britton's father said, is just a "misunderstanding".