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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Back In Action Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

No April Fool's jokes from DTN. Just be on your toes for internet high-jinx.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Eight:

  1. Rock Chalk Talk takes a look at the Big 12 RPI rankings.
  2. Sean Sutton could get canned at OSU? I had no idea. Really. (hat-tip ASOB).
  3. A life-sized C-3P0 and R2-D2. I have no idea what you do with this.
  4. Mocking the Draft is, well, mocking the 2008 NFL draft, with each of the SBN blogs picking players.
  5. Ever wanted to know about Cal and the trees-sitters?
  6. I'm a day late, but Corn Nation with Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review.
  7. Hashmarks asks if the NFL is turning its back on NFL Films. This would be a tragedy.
  8. True Hoop on the Dallas Mavericks blogger situation.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams focuses on freshman quarterback Seth Doege. For those that don't know, Doege missed his junior and senior seasons with knee injuries, each knee. Here's Doege:

"I'm having a lot of fun," Doege said Monday. "I think I'm getting my personality back, just because I missed football so much that it kind of took something from me. Now I'm back in action, and it feels real good."

The all-important Coach Leach on Doege:

"I guess I would say his arm's a little stronger than what I thought it would be, but he's always been kind of composed and accurate," Leach said. "The other thing is, he puts it on (receivers) real quick which, to me, that's kind of a sign of a guy that's sharp and has a concept of what he's trying to do. I think he's been really impressive."

Go read the whole article.

Williams writes about a guy you don't hear much about in cornerback Brent Nickerson, who's starting to make a name for himself at practice. Defensive backs coach Brian Mitchell had this to say about Brent Nickerson (who also has a brother on the team, Trent Nikerson):

"I tell you what: He is bright. He can (anticipate) plays before they happen," Mitchell said. "He's the kid I thought would be that guy coming in my first year (2006) that would be my third corner, possibly push either (starters) Chris Parker or (Antonio) Huffman. Injuries kind of slowed him down, but I think he's gaining his confidence back more than anything."

Williams also has a few additional notes from practice.

Fox34's daily segment takes a look at the offensive line, which is going to focus on run-blocking this spring.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech Texas A&M CC Result
Tue. 04/01/08 @ 6:05 p.m. Russ Fornea (2-2, 5.51) Trey Hernandez (0-4, 8.51) Boxscore
Wed. 04/01/08 @ 3:00 p.m. Cory Large (1-0, 6.19) TBA Boxscore

Congrats to Doug Thennis who was named the Phillips 66 Big 12 Player of the Week! This was a well deserved award.

LAJ's George Watson previews the series with Texas A&M Corpus Christi and writes about how the team needs to get back to business at hand. Here's Coach Hays on the need to focus on the Islanders:

"Baseball is a deal where you've got to do it every day and when you have to schedule five games a week now you worry about playing two solid games on Tuesday and Wednesday," Tech head coach Larry Hays said after Sunday's 15-11 win over Mizzou. "We don't have much time to point to a series like (Missouri) the way we've always been able to in the past. We've got to turn around and come up with enough pitching to cover two games this week."

Although I'm sure this is the last thing from Coach Hays' mind, but wins today and on Wednesday give him 1,500 career victories.

Fox34 takes a look back at this weekend's dramatic wins against Missouri.