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Senior Day for Zeno, Burgess and Hoffmeister

That's a fitting picture for the last home game for Martin Zeno, Charlie Burgess and Tyler Hoffmeister. They were there when Knight broke Dean Smith's record and were both instrumental in that win. Zeno with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists, while Burgess had 13 points and 6 rebounds for the day.

I tip my hat to Tyler, Martin and Charlie. You are part of an exclusive club and there's no doubt that you appreciate that more than I could express this morning.

Best games this year for each of these men. For me, Martin Zeno's best game was against Missouri, where he was an absolute terror at the free throw line, going 19 for 24 and scoring 33 points. For Charlie Burgess is has to have been the Texas game where he finished with 14 points and 7 rebounds. The Hoff has a little bit different circumstances as he only played in 6 games all year, but it has to been the 2nd TAMU game. I know, it wasn't a pretty game, and despite the lack of effort by some of his teammates, Hoffmeister exhibited effort and a willingness to play. He sat at the end of the bench for two years cheering his team and Pat Knight recognized his two years of effort in that game. He was an example to his teammates. Hoff scored 4 points.

LAJ's Jeff Walker on his Above the Rim blog had Pat Knight comment on each player.

Martin Zeno:

"We knew we were getting a steal of a guy, but compare his numbers with anybody and not a lot of guys have a four-year career like that. Maybe one year, two or three, maybe, but four years? To start, in the Big 12 like he did, I mean that's a hell of a career. No other Big 12 teams recruited him and I don't think any SEC teams or any of the other top five conferences recruited him. Now I know a lot of people who wish they would have. "I think we thought we had a steal, but he even overcame our expectations in how he's performed. I'd give my left leg to have a career like that. He's been a solid, very good player for us for four years. Here's a guy that's helped us rebuild this program because we wouldn't be here if it weren't for guys like Zeno."

Charlie Burgess:

"Solid two years. A junior-college kid -- and we've been fortunate that we've gotten two years out of a lot of junior-college kids. Usually, you're hoping to get one.

"I know Charlie started off slow this year, but he's come on here toward the end and he had some good games early too. Coming from where he came from, a bad situation back home, then to come here and go to junior college, he's the junior college player of the year and then come here and play for two years says a lot about the kid. And, he's on course to graduate too.

"The kid has never complained (about his finger) once. It sticks out and it's bad. And then you've got to look at it that a freshman's come in, starts over him a lot and I think he's been really good for (John) Roberson. He's always talking to him. He's always in his ear, telling him how to do things. I think Roberson will look back next year kind of wishing Charlie was still here. You couldn't ask for a better kid. I wish we had him for four years. You can get on him and he doesn't get upset. He's a warrior."

Tyler Hoffmeister:

"That's the best story ever. He'll go down as one of our favorites.

"For a kid to make it from a situation where you're on a TV show and you keep him all the way for two years. You know, he wasn't guaranteed anything but a tryout. We were planning on cutting him the whole time, but the guy busts his (butt), he's causing problems for guys because he's always going to the boards, you always had to block him out, you always had to know where he was because he was back-cutting all the time and playing hard. We were like, 'Let's keep him for a year and see.'

"We kept him last year and then what he's also good at is he knows. 'OK, I'm not going to play a lot so I'm going to take myself out for this guy' and he'll tell guys, 'Hey, get in there for me. You need it because you're going to play in the game and I'm not.' Then, when we found out he was a junior, and we had two years, we were like, 'we've got to keep him.' So, we were fortunate to have him for two years."

God speed gentlemen.