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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Dallas Westside Lutheran Edition

Double-T Nation News:

We can just move on, right? Nothing to see here, it was a really bad loss, worst in Texas Tech history, and I'm happy as hell that the Red Raiders have one more game left, and although it's against Baylor, who's pretty good, they are playing in the death-trap that is known as United Spirit Arena.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. EDSBS has the schedule for day 1 of the College Football Bloggers Award (which was yesterday) and Rocky Top Talk has the schedule for day 2.
  2. Da Wiz brings you the Thursday night football schedule for ESPN for 2008.
  3. DTN gets a mention at Smart Football, which won the award for Best Post. Congrats.
  4. Basketball Prospectus checks in with his weekly Conference Check.
  5. The Knicks sign Jackie Moon.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Here's the boxscore, there's not too much to look at. John Roberson had a decent game with 15 points and Martin Zeno had 19 with 4 boards. The team shot 29% from the field. That's your culprit. Couldn't hit anything.

LAJ's Jeff Walker recaps last night's loss to Kansas, and PK said that the team quickly got away from their game plan:

"We weren't aggressive. We go away from our game plan, jacking up threes and not driving," Knight said. "We got them in foul trouble, had them with five fouls with about 10 minutes to go (in the first half). Then all of a sudden we quit driving. We're jacking up shots. It was disappointing.

"... Hopefully, these guys will figure it out, especially these freshmen. I hope it was an awakening for them. You know, they're not playing against Dallas Westside Lutheran anymore. They're playing against real teams now, and you can't play the same way you played in high school."

That's enough about that. Four days to get ready for Baylor.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The baseball team hits the home field for the first time this season and LAJ's George Watson has the story about Texas Tech finally playing home as well as a preview of today's game.

Here are your season statistics thus far and here's the matchups:

  • Texas Tech v. Central Arkansas Tuesday, March 4, 2008 @ 6:05 p.m. Cory Large (TT) (1-0) v. Matt Whitaker (CA) (1-0).
  • Texas Tech v. Central Arkansas Wednesday, March 5, 2008 @ 1:00 p.m. Russ Fornea (TT) (0-1) v. TBA.