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Texas Tech Spring Football Report - 03/31/08

Texas Tech Football:

I figured that since the only news coming out of Lubbock is the baseball team's huge win against #2 Missouri (make sure and check out the Fox34 video and highlights) as well as a Fox34 report on the offense with Jarrod "Guns" Edwards and Chris Level (again, good stuff) that I'd take a little time this morning and throw out a Texas Tech Spring Football Report, and if all goes well, I'll try and do one of these each week.

What We've Learned:

  • That Shannon Woods may be back in the good graces of Coach Leach and Coach Littrell. As much as I love Crawford and Batch, there's certainly a place for Woods on this team. The question for the coaching staff is the number of reps he and the other backs should get.
  • Brian Duncan is back at middle linebacker, which means that Bront Bird is at the SAM, while Marlon Williams is at the weekside. Personally, I like this move as I thought Victor Hunter was a little slow at middle linebacker.
  • Chris Perry is eligible. I was shocked when Texas Tech asked for the waiver from the NCAA, but I was really shocked when the NCAA granted the waiver. None of us have seen Perry play at the college level, but if he's as good as his high school billing, then this has huge implications for our Red Raiders. This gives Texas Tech real size on the line with he and Whitlock. Just as it is with the running backs situation, competition is good and handing people jobs because of experience is a bad way to do run a program.
  • The receivers from the 2007 recruiting class are still here and are getting better. I know there may have been some grumbling about the lack of receivers in this year's class, but there was quite a bit of talent that came onto campus last year. Detron Lewis is set to take over for Danny Amendola, while Jacoby Franks, Tramain Swindall and Rashad Hawk are getting reps behind guys guys like Crabtree, Britton, etc. I think there was a lot of talent in that group and I'm glad their around.
  • There's finally some hitting happening. In most of the notes from the LAJ there were numerous references to hitting and tackles and making plays. Hitting and tackling were things that didn't happen on a regular basis with Setencich, but now we're actually talking about guys getting hit and tackling. I know that we shouldn't get excited about things like that, but I am.

Is there anything that you'd like to see or are looking forward to hearing about over the next week? I haven't heard a thing about the secondary or the offensive line. I'm also interested to see how the defensive ends will shake out, but that may not happen until Sesay and Marshall get on campus.