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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - We've Never Coached Him Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Four:

  1. Louisville, North Carolina, UCLA, and Xavier all won yesterday, make sure and check out Card Chronicle, Carolina March, and Bruins Nation for coverage.
  2. John Gasaway and Ken Pomeroy of Basketball Prospectus hands out their All-American awards.
  3. Andrew Bogut high-fives his imaginary friends.
  4. Duke's Kyle Singler tries to give WVU's Darris Nichols a purple nurple.

Texas Tech Football:

We'll start with the news from yesterday, that defensive tackle Chris Perry is eligible to practice and play immediately. LAJ's Don Williams has a snippet from Ruffin McNeill on Perry:

"I'm very happy for Chris,'' Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "He's a guy who, from day one when he enrolled, bought into Texas Tech and our philosophy here. He did a great job in our off-season program. He's done a very good job in the classroom, keeping up and getting back in the fold that way. His attitude has been fantastic.''

Perry started spring practice with the Red Raiders on Wednesday, working at the weak-side defensive tackle position where Ra'Jon Henley is the starter. He also will be tried at nose tackle where Colby Whitlock starts, McNeill said.

"We want to see where he fits best,'' McNeill said. "We've never coached him.''

This is most excellent news. I was going to comment last night but was caught up in the NCAA games. Anyway, the point being that if Perry is as talented as we all imagine, then he needs to be on the field. Position or seniority be damned. I don't care if he plays nose tackle or tackle or any other position. If he's the most talented player then he needs to play. On a completely different level, I think this is good news if the staff wants to redshirt Joey Fowler. There's no need to rush the guy, not that there ever was, and McNeill can take his time in making that decision. Back to the field, it's going to be awfully interesting to see who gets the snaps between Whitlock, Sesay, Marshall, and Dixon, in addition to all of the other returning players.

I think the players put on pads today. Hooray!

Fox34 talks about Perry becoming eligible and also has additional clips from Harrell, Crawford and Batch, which really looked like clips from the day before rather than clips today. Whatever. It's still football news.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Date Texas Tech Missouri Result
Fri. 03/28/08 @ 6:05 p.m. Nate Karns (1-3, 12.10) Aaron Crow (5-0, 1.03) Boxscore
Sat. 03/29/08 @ 2:00 p.m. AJ Ramos (1-2, 5.93) Iam Berger (3-0, 0.30) Boxscore
Sun. 03/30/08 @ 1:00 p.m. Chad Bettis (3-1, 3.69) Kyle Gibson (5-0, 1.83) Boxscore

Yikes. Take a look at those ERA's for Missouri. Those three starters for Missouri are also the ERA leaders for the Tigers.

LAJ's George Watson previews the weekend series with Mizzou and also writes about that dominating Missouri pitching staff. I'm really interested to see how this team responds to playing the #2 team in the nation.

Fox34 has a preview of the series and talks with Coach Hays and AJ Ramos.