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Thoughts on the Depth Chart

Yesterday morning, I hardly had time to figure out my thoughts on the depth chart, so here goes:

  • I think it's interesting that Adam James is the back-up H receiver rather than at the BH receiver. Perhaps the staff feels that he's got more talent than just being a blocker.
  • I like how all of the receivers from last year's class are fairly high on the depth chart (D. Lewis, Swindall, Leong, Hawk, and Franks). I think that's a good sign.
  • Agoucha is 2nd team nose tackle. I'm really interested to hear what he's going to bring to the table. Also interested to see if Fowler stays at this position.
  • I'm expecting Neill to move up the tackle position quickly.
  • I think the coaches want Dixon to earn back his position. Keep him motivated.
  • I really want to see what Sonier can do. Although I like Bird, I'm not sold that the job is completely his.
  • I thought that Hunter was a little too slow along the line at Mike. I want Fehoko to get on the field this year (Aside: I almost always mis-spell his name when typing it out, "Fejoko", and I can't figure out why).
  • Same goes for Collier, except that I don't habitually mis-spell his name.
  • How far along is DeShon Sanders. He needs to make an immediate impact.
  • Flannel is now at cornerback. With Crawford, Batch and Jeffers, the writing was on the wall.
  • I don't remember ever hearing Austin Burns name last year, which means that he did his job.