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Texas Tech Spring Football Questions

Spring practice is almost upon us and as I was considering the great expectations of this team, I couldn't help that I hope that spring practice answers some of those questions. Thus, in no particular order, here are my questions as this Texas Tech football team heads into spring practice:

  1. Who is going to be in the linebacker mix? There are 3 spots for at least 7 guys (Collier, Howard, Bird, Sonier, M. Williams, Fehoko and Duncan).
  2. Will it be "receiver-by-committee" to replace Amendola or is it going to be D. Lewis?
  3. What will happen with Shannon Woods?
  4. Will the coaching staff figure out a way to get Leong on the field, despite being behind Crabtree?
  5. Have Okafor or Delpeche matured enough physically to see significant time should Reed be out with his ankle?
  6. Does Henley keep his starting job at defensive tackle or does Dixon or Marshall start at defensive line?
  7. Will it be Crawford or Batch this spring, or both?
  8. At what point will the rumors start that Potts will replace Harrell at quarterback in 2008?
  9. Who plays alongside McBath?
  10. Have B. Williams and Jake Ratliff done enough to keep their jobs at defensive end?
  11. Who is kicking field goals?
  12. Will David Neill play a significant role at defensive tackle or defensive end this year?
  13. Will Joey Fowler make an impact in the spring at defensive tackle?
  14. Is there enough depth and size at cornerback? There doesn't need to be just 1 guy, but a couple of guys who are ready to play.
  15. Can Rashad Hawk and Jacoby Franks be difference makers this year or are they going to have to wait
  16. Will LA Reed crack a deep safety unit?
  17. Will we hear anything about Bobby Agoucha at defensive tackle?
  18. Is there enough quality depth at offensive line?

Okay, I think I'm out of questions? Any questions that you want to see answered over the next few weeks? Leave your questions in the comments section below and we'll try to answer these after the Red-Black Game.