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Post Game Review: Texas Tech 72, Oklahoma State 76

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

After watching that game on Tivo, I thought that was a typical Texas Tech game and an atypical Texas Tech game all at the same time. Typical: no rebounding, Voskuil lights it up, Singletary knows how to score, and did I mention there was no rebounding? Atypical: a quiet Zeno, Roberson seemed to pout, and Bugess played like last year. Here's the official boxscore. Let's get to the reviews:

Player Comment
Damir Suljagic Hardly played, and had little impact on the game. The 5 boards was nice, but I didn't notice him on the floor.
Martin Zeno I thought he deserved a couple of fouls driving to the bucket, but bottom line is that he didn't show up, especially at the line.
Alan Voskuil Someone told him to shoot the ball no matter what. He's learning to get his shot off with a man on his face. Incredibly efficient.
John Roberson Did not affect the team in a positive manner the entire game. A 1-6 night coupled with 3 TO's and 3 assists. Stop looking at the ref for calls.
Charlie Burgess What a nice game for Burgess. Other than the fumble at the end of the game I thought he had a pretty good game. Had 14 points, along with 4 boards, 1 assist and 2 TO's.
Trevor Cook Perhaps the best game of the year for Cook. Was fearless and had to do a lot being the only post presence. Finished with 16 points and 5 boards.
Mike Singletary Get him on the floor more often. This guy can score, but he's out of position playing a power forward. If he adds an outside shot, he's going to be deadly.
Esmir Rizvic Minimal minutes.
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

What Texas Tech Did Right:

  • Three Point Shooting: What a performance by Voskuil and Cook. Those guys were absolutely unbelievable and kudos to those two for keeping the Red Raiders in the game. It's a shame that Cook isn't more consistent, but he can play. There's no doubt. Now PK has just got to figure out where he fits best. Personally, I'd love to see him at starting at the 4 next year with mystery guest #1 starting at center.
  • Burgess Gives His All: I wish Burgess would have played like that all year. He was effective in and around the bucket and it was fun watching him. I don't know what stymied him all year, but he was good and I wish we had seen more of that all year.
  • The Kid Can Score: What an offensive performance from Singletary. If there was ever any doubt that he could play then after watching this game I think those fears are erased. I'm glad he came back so strong this game, and he did it against bigger players.

What Texas Tech Did Wrong:

  • The Last Defensive Stand: That was awful. I'm going off of memory, but with 45 seconds left and coming out of a timeout, there shouldn't have been any excuse for guys to be out of position. It was awful watching those guys run after OSU players as they passed the ball around and Eaton gets a wide open jumper. That's going to stay with me for a while.
  • Free Throws, Or the Lack Thereof: Seriously, 11 free throw attempts for the day? That's not acceptable. I place a lot of the blame on the shoulders of Zeno. Granted, it seemed like there were some calls that didn't go his way, and a big part of this has to do with OSU having guys who are big and can guard, but Zeno had to get to the line more than 2 times for the game. Of course, a big part of the problem is that PK put a team on the floor that was relatively small (Burgess, Voskuil, Zeno and Singletary) while OSU, as mentioned above, had an athletic and long team on the floor. It's hard to get to the line when you're shooting jump shots and every time you drive, you're having to change your shot.
  • No Inside Presence: I keep sticking on this point, but it was so apparent watching this game where this team needs to improve, which is inside. I have no idea how much the new guys will be able to contribute, but something has got to happen. At some point in the offseason I'll have to take a look at the games where the Red Raiders actually out rebounded their opponent, but it can't be too often. Uggh.

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