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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Martin Zeno 2nd Team All-Big 12 Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Presenting, Bring On The Cats' Official Guide to Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament. If any of you guys are going to the Big 12 Tournament, this is an excellent place to start.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. Da Wiz introduces Clemson's Ray Ray McElrathbey and EDSBS has more on the story and Da Wiz follows up with Tommy Bowden. This is the bad part of over-signing players.
  2. Corn Nation's Big 12 Baseball Weekly Review.
  3. Black Shoe Diaries on the Joe Paterno succession plan?
  4. Hashmarks is all over the Matt Walsh story. I'm interested in the outcome of this.
  5. Card Chronicle dismisses the myth of tired teams in the conference tournament.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Congrats to Martin Zeno for being named to the All-Big 12 Second Team. Zeno was the only Red Raider named and the most surprising pick was DeAndre Jordan to the Big 12 All-Rookie Team. Although I think Texas Tech's John Roberson would have been a better choice, I think Baylor's Lacedarious Dunn is the best choice (especially after watching him on Saturday).

There's not much basketball news this morning other than an on-the-fly report from DMN's Brandon George in talking with Pat Knight about his team. George noted that PK said that the team's practice on Monday wasn't going to be easy:

I asked Pat if he took it easy on the Red Raiders in practice after their disappointing loss to Baylor on Saturday in Lubbock in Tech's regular-season finale. He said Monday was the first time Tech would practice since the loss and added that it wouldn't be an easy practice on the boys on the South Plains.

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse has a nice article on Michael Beasley and also chimes in on his All-Big 12 nominations.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Roger Kieschnick was named the Big 12 Player of the Week with a line of .524, 11 RBI and 5 home runs. That's an impressive.

There's a game today, see below, and the LAJ previews the game with the Lobos. I have no idea who's pitching, but here's your game:

  • Texas Tech v. New Mexico Tuesday, March 11, 2008 @ 4:00 p.m.

Texas Tech Football:

FORL emailed the guys at NFLDraftSuite as to why they didn't include Mr. Crabtree was because they don't project who leaves until they get closer to the draft.