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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup

Texas Tech Football Recruiting:

For those of you who think the recruiting class is pitiful, then please see the DTN spreadsheets first. I don't think this class is bad at all, and if you throw out the kicker ranking (I think kickers are almost always a 2 star rating) and the average gets even higher. The Texas Tech 2007 class had an average Rivals rank of 2.73, the 2006 class was 2.88, and the 2005 class was 2.67. The 2008 class has an average Rivals rank of 3.07.

Once again, I don't know that I'll have the time to give the recruiting class the analysis it deserves. I've got a ton of thoughts running in my head and just not enough time to type everything that I'm thinking. For now, just links: