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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - The Day After Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Today as it's National Signing Day and Pat Knight and the men's basketball team have a big game tonight against Baylor. I'll have a preview for today's game posted during my lunch hour. Before we get started with the news I've been trying to figure out a clever way to link to other blogs or items on the internets. I was inspired by Yahoo! NBA blogger Kelly Dwyer's 10-man rotation. Here's where you guys come in, I need a catchy name, so I'm asking you guys for help. It's my plan to do this every week-day until I can't do it any more. For now, it's going to be "DTN's Top ___".

In no particular order, DTN's Top Eight:

  1. EDSBS scientifically details what's getting recruits. Personally, I would think that the purple piece of the pie would be a little bigger.
  2. Too Much Rod Benson is a guilty pleasure of mine. Good writing and great insight as a D-Leaguer.
  3. The Band I Out On The Field has perhaps the most bizarre recruiting story I've ever seen, in the history of ever. Update from The Wizard of Odds.
  4. Burnt Orange Nation previews the week in Big 12 basketball.
  5. Corn Nation starts to take a look at Big 12 baseball.
  6. Black Shoe Diaries appropriately notes that Penn State hates kids with cancer.
  7. Uncrate found the Under Armour cross trainers as seen in less than impressive Super Bowl ads. I know what DTN is getting for Christmas and in case you're wondering, I'm a size 12.
  8. Sarah Silverman is !#@%ing Matt Damon (strong language warning).

Texas Tech Basketball:

Again, I don't know that I have time to review every article. This is going to be more or less a link-dump than anything else:

Texas Tech Football:

Today is signing day and that means that the speculation ends today. High school players sign on the dotted line (or at least they can sign today, but they can always sign later) and we can begin guessing about whether or not a kid is going to contribute to the program. Also today, every college football coach will let you know that he got the class he wanted. Everyone's a winner today.

LAJ's Don Williams speculates that Arkansas' defensive tackle Lavunce Askew is still considering Texas Tech and I think that we could all agree that any additional help at defensive tackle is good help.

If you don't subscribe to Red Raider Sports (Rivals) or RaiderPower (Scout) then I would certainly check in on FWST's recruiting blog, Recruiting Report and DMN's recruiting blog Recruiting Buzz. I would also check out the official Texas Tech football website throughout the day.

Big hat-tip to DTN reader ayleein, and blogger of Raiderade, according to FWST's college football blog LSU now has an open date on August 30, 2008. Doesn't some other program have an open date on August 30th? That's awfully coincidental and wonderful all at the same time. Gerald, make this happen.