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Texas Tech Adds Basketball Commitment: Nick Okorie

Pat Knight gets his first commitment signing Nick Okorie, a 6-0 guard from South Plains College (FYI: SPC is #9 in the nation and 20-2 for the year - I like guys from winning programs). Okorie had this to say about playing for Texas Tech:

"Texas Tech has always been my top choice. It is sad that I am not going to get to play for Coach Bob Knight, but it doesn't take away from my wanting to go to Tech and play in the Big 12," Okorie said. "I am really anxious to play for Pat Knight and hopefully be a part of something new and special."

Okorie is a scoring point guard, averaging 16.9 points a game, 3.32 boards and 2.9 assists. The thing that jumped out at me was that Okorie shot 47.4% from the field and 39.8% from behind the three point line.

For a team that struggles to score and has absolutely nothing behind Roberson in terms of a back-up point guard, this is a good pickup for Pat Knight and perhaps very much necessary.