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Quick Recruiting Thoughts

I don't have just a ton of time right now, but I wanted to get out two spreadsheets regarding today's recruits. From reading the comments in today's open thread, there's the thought that the 2008 class wasn't that great.

Both Rivals and Scout are ranking the Red Raiders' class somewhat low (43rd by Rivals and 60th by Scout). Although I don't understand all of the math, I think both scouting services base part of their rankings on volume (i.e. the number of commitments). Well, I suppose Texas Tech was somewhat fortunate in that this team doesn't have a lot of holes to fill this year, so the number of commitments just isn't there.

I created two spreadsheets, which were basically the Rivals and Scout rankings, but I added another column, the average rating rank. By the magic that is Google Documents, here is the Rivals spreadsheet where Texas Tech is 27th and the Scout spreadsheet where Texas Tech is 29th. Based on the Rivals numbers, Texas Tech had an average recruit rating of 3.07 and Scout had an average recruit rating of 2.93. If you look at Texas Tech historically, that's pretty good (I'll have to look up average recruit ratings later tonight).

I'll have more comments on the class tonight (hopefully), but I thought I'd just give you something to think about. I hope you can find tonight's game on television, it's going to be interesting.