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Texas Tech's Favorite Son, Wes Welker

Texas Tech favorite son, perhaps only behind Zach Thomas in recent players from Texas Tech, is getting quite a bit of love from the national and local media on his incredible play this season for the New England Patriots and culminating with today's game against the New York Giants in Superbowl XLII. Welker is featured by DMN's Rick Gosselin, detailing his importance after the disappointing 2006 season. Did you know that Welker is one of 40 other players in the history of the NFL who have caught 100 passes in a season. Without sounding like a broke record, it's impressive from a guy who almost never received a scholarship.

LAJ's Don Williams writes about Welker's rise from a player at Texas Tech to the Super Bowl. Here's a very interesting, and I think very accurate, quote from Coach Leach on Welker's success:

"I think it's exciting,'' Leach said. "I think that the luck comes in with a certain level of timing, right team, right setting, a group that really utilizes his talents and the others around him. It's not surprising, though.''

It's also nice to know that Welker is still a part of the program, from receivers coach Lincoln Riley:

"Oh yeah, we talk about him all the time,'' Riley said, "especially to receivers, but really to all positions. Parents and (recruits) that we see, they see Wes and know who he is. They see a guy who wasn't just super talented, but really developed his skills well at Texas Tech. If we develop their skills as well as Wes did, they feel like they have a chance. It's a huge deal for us.''

And associate AD Dennis Simmons says that it can help motivate certain players:

"We promote more the offense,'' Simmons said, "because if you really look at it, a lot of what New England is doing and some of what the Indianapolis Colts are doing is basically the same formations (as Tech's). I'm sure the verbiage is different, but it's the same formations and route combinations that we're running here at Texas Tech. But it doesn't hurt having the No. 1 receiver in the NFL and the No. 1 receiver in college (Mike Crabtree) having played in the Texas Tech offense.''