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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - We Could Beat This Team Edition

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story from yesterday's win over OSU. OSU head coach Sean Sutton had this to say about Roberson:

"The whole key to this game was Roberson," OSU head coach Sean Sutton said. "In the first game, we got after him and he got in foul trouble and they weren't able to get into their offense, really as well as they were (Saturday). He played with a lot of poise. He played with a lot of confidence. He hit some shots early and I thought he really did a great job - for a freshman - of running their team."

It's nice to get some praise like that from the opposing coach.

FWST's Dwain Price has his game story. Here's Knight on Roberson's play:

"I thought Roberson played much, much better than he played at Oklahoma State," Tech coach Bob Knight said. "That was his first game on the road as a Big 12 player and they just ate him alive up there.

"But we talked about it a little bit and I think he was really determined to come back -- for the first time he played against somebody the second time in the league -- and play well. And he certainly did that."

Roberson also commented on his play:

"My teammates were finding me in certain spots, I felt comfortable with my shot and I was knocking down all my shots, so I just kept shooting," said Roberson, who had two points and two turnovers in the first game against OSU. "I was kind of pumped up coming in here, especially since it was going to be at home.

"We came in here and we wanted to prove, to ourselves especially, that we could beat this team."

DMN's Brandon George has his game story where Sutton pointed to the reason why the Cowboys lost:

"We took entirely too many 3-point shots. We did not go inside enough. We did not drive the ball enough," OSU coach Sean Sutton said. "We took the easy way out and settled for jump shots and that's not going to win games on the road. We also had really bad turnovers. Some of the turnovers we made, it just baffles me. The guys just blatantly disregard the basketball."

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has an excellent article this morning about Holgorsen's departure for the offensive coordinator position at UH and that both Holgorsen and Leach acknowledge that Holgorsen is as high as he can get at Texas Tech without calling plays and the day that Leach stops calling plays is the day that he retires . . . Danny Amendola had 3 receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown (28 yards) for team Texas as Texas defeated the Nation, 41-14. Here's the boxscore (pdf) . . . SAEN takes a look back at the Big 12 South recruiting classes from 2003. Lots of "did not qualify" and "quit team" for that 2003 recruiting class for Texas Tech. A really good read this morning.