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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - One or Two of Them to Show Up Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. BON looks at the week ahead in men's Big 12 Basketball. Texas Tech's road looks tough the rest of the way.
  2. BHGP details Iowa's quest for the Fulmler Cup.
  3. ESPN's Matt Mosley asks whether or not Zach Thomas will start in Dallas.
  4. Mark Cuban takes on the NCAA.
  5. This actually from Friday, but Da Wiz talked with Michael Clark who is the chairman of the rules committee about the recent rules changes.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has more of a notebook this morning, focusing on the Voskuil's and Zeno's performance as well as the improved play of the frontcourt. PK on the "never-injured" Zeno:

"If he's walking, he's fine," Knight said. "It's when they've got to call (trainer) Jon Murray out there and then here comes the stretcher, that's when I start worrying. ... I ask him every time if he needs to come out. (His response is), No.' He's a tough kid."

PK on the improved post-play:

"I thought (Rizvic) did a really good job defensively," Knight said. "He came up with some big plays in the second half.

"As long as one or two of (the post players) can show up, we're in good shape. But now, (like) the Baylor game, I've got to rotate four of them and that's when it hurts us, when none of them show up. If we can get at least one or two of them to show up, we're in pretty good shape."

Check out FWST's John Miller's Big 12 Glance and Wendell Barnhouse's College Basketball Insider.

Texas Tech Baseball:

TT v. Army: Roger Kieschnick absolutely unloaded on Army, 16-4, Sunday morning, going 4-6 with 6 RBI and a homer, while freshman starting pitcher Chad Bettis pitched 6 innings of 3 hit ball, allowing 1 earned run, walking 4 and striking out 4. Here's the official boxscore. Doug Thennis also had 3 hits with 2 RBI and Taylor Ashby had 1 hit and 2 RBI. Sam Janca, Robert Kilcrease and Russ Fornea all pitched in relief, striking out 3 and walking none, all facing the minimum number of batters.

TT v. Oral Roberts: ORU and the Prayer Tower rallied for 3 runs in the 7th inning to beat the Red Raiders, 6-7. NC State transfer Nate Karns pitched 4 innings, giving up 3 earned runs, walking 4 and striking out 7. Converted pitcher James Leverton gave up the 3 runs. Give Leverton a little time, he was hitting the cover off of the ball last year and has made the switch to pitcher. Offensively, Roger Kieschnick had his 2nd home run of the year, while Chris Richburt and Monk Kreder each had 2 RBI.

Today, Cory Large takes on the home team, UTSA:

  • Monday: Cory Large (TT) [2007: 2-1 6.62] v. Kris Ruepke (UTSA) [2007 (JC): 5-2 3.82]

Bob Knight Fishes:

Before his resignation, Bob Knight talked fishing with a few 2008 Bassmaster Classic qualifiers. Laugh out loud moment for me this morning - Knight talking to Auburn fan and Bassmaster, Timmy Horton:

"Do you recruit for Auburn?" Knight asked Horton, an avowed Tigers fan.

"No," Horton replied. "With NCAA rules, I can't ..."

"Auburn's never paid any attention to NCAA rules," Knight replied. "Why would that be a problem for you?"