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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Casual Things Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Waking up a little late this morning, it will mainly just be links and a preview of today's game with ISU later this morning.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker previews today's game with the Cyclones and notes that K doesn't want this team to take off any more Saturdays. Sounds like PK wants this team to come out sharp on Saturday (no time-outs after 2 possessions):

"We do too many casual things," Knight said following the victory. "... They still act like they're going to play in high school and make dumb mistakes at crucial times."

Assistant coach Stew Robinson says that ISU is a big squad and you can expect the Red Raiders to try and get to the free throw line:

"That's a big lineup," Tech assistant coach Stew Robinson said. "Of course, they might try to match up with us and go smaller with another guard, but they've got size, that's for sure."


"The one thing they do with their defense is they play a man-to-man, but they pack it in," Robinson said. "They make it tough on you to drive to the basket. We've got to be sharp and create driving angles and we have to hit our shots."


"This is another opportunity for us," he said. "He had an opportunity after the Kansas State game, playing Oklahoma, and you know how that ended. We got a road win now, finally, and we have a chance to get back to .500 in the conference. We've got to get off to a good start because we're not going to get opportunities week after week like this."

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson previews this weekend's matchups and writes about the pitching depth that this team now has. For those of you who followed the team last year, you know that this team struggled from the mound, but perhaps this year things will change with Spencer in charge of the pitchers.

Here's today's pitching matchup:

  • Saturday: AJ Ramos 2007: 8-5 4.70 (TT) v. Hunter Moody 2007: 8-3 4.13 (ULL)