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Texas Tech Adds #17 Commitment: Brandon Reid

Well, how about that! Brandon Reid, who was formerly committed to Missouri, has now committed to Texas Tech (link not yet permanent). Reid (6-2/208) wants to compete for the running back position and likes the fact that he's closer to home, which is El Paso. Check out his Rivals and Scout profiles. Here's Reid and LAJ's Don Williams on Texas Tech's newest recruit:

"It's closer to where I live, where my parents will be able to come out to the games,'' Reid said.

Reid said Tech coaches offered him the chance to compete for time at running back, which is the position he wants to play. As an all-around athlete, he also has been viewed as someone who could be a linebacker or a safety in college. Canutillo reached the second round of the playoffs in 2007, when Reid finished with a little more than 1,000 yards rushing and eight touchdowns.

I've always been of the mindset that you want to recruit the best talent possible, regardless of position (to a point) and Reid could end up being the running back that Texas Tech has always wanted or he could look to switch positions if the talent is there. I know that I said that I questioned Webb's interest this morning, but his window is so short and it's pretty obvious that there's some talent on the offensive line. Something just doesn't sit right with me on Webb. Enough about Webb.

Congrats to Brandon and his family and Brandon, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!