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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Guess The New Assistant Coaches Edition

Double-T Nation News:

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. More from SMQ and EDSBS (and here) on rule 3-2-5-e than I ever could.
  2. The Wiz explains why games are longer . . . television.
  3. The Longhorns absolutely dominate the Ags last night. TAMU is beginning to look bad at exactly the wrong time and UT is starting to look good at exactly the right time.
  4. Non-sports related note: Adam Shepard took the clothes on his back and $25 and by the end of the year intended to have $2,500 in savings and a fully furnished apartment (hat-tip kottke). There's no way in hell I could do that. I'd miss my sweet, sweet internet.
  5. The saga of Ryan Perrilloux.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Sunday I said that the NIU games would be play and the official stance from Texas Tech was that they would played as well, but according to LAJ's George Watson, it appears that those games will be cancelled in light of last week's tragedy. Coach Hays talks about the situation with NUI and he and Watson discuss why its so important to find an opponent for this weekend:

"(The NIU situation) is a deal that we have total respect for and we're not going to say anything one way or the other," head coach Larry Hays said on Sunday. "At the same time we've got to look out for ourselves on the deal and if we lose four games, we could never make that up. Losing one game out of this will be difficult enough."

"It is really critical that we get something because if you look at our schedule, there are only two or three weeks where we don't have two (midweek games)," Hays said. "We have to do everything we can to get at least three games in. With the new schedule, there are things we like about it but this is pointing out one of the weaknesses of it is time to make up games."

If Tech does not get at least three of the four games in with someone, it could bring about severe circumstances down the line.

If the Red Raiders are in a position to be an NCAA tournament team, those four victories could mean the difference between whether the Red Raiders must play their way in during the Big 12 Tournament or could go in breathing easier not having to win as many as possible to secure a berth. "That's why we're working hard to see if we can't be a beggar and get into these tournaments," Hays said.

Texas Tech Football:

The ticket office has announced the pay days for season tickets. For those of you looking to buy individual seats, you can begin purchasing those tickets on July 28th, except for the UT game, which will begin on September 21st.

According to the front page of Red Raider Sports, Coach Leach has filled the two vacant coaching spots, which also apparently includes tweaks to the staff. I don't have a membership to any site, but if I had to guess, Leach has promoted Lincoln Riley as offensive coordinator and I have no freaking idea on the defensive side of the ball. For those of you too cheap to buy a subscription, guess below.